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Poll of the Week: It's Academic!

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: It's Academic!  

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  1. 1. What were your character's impressions of Starfleet Academy?

    • They absolutely loved their time there, and would change almost nothing.
    • There were some less enjoyable moments, but on the whole, it was a wonderful experience.
    • They found it equal parts good and bad.
    • There were good memories scattered throughout, but on the whole, my character did not enjoy their time there.
    • They despised every single moment of their time there, and couldn’t wait to graduate.
    • Something else not mentioned here? Tell us below!

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The pips our characters display on their collars represent more than simply a rank and a position. They’re the embodiment of the blood, sweat and tears spent in the pursuit of such a distinction. It’s no secret that Starfleet’s vigorous four year curriculum is a challenge only the most devoted rise to and pass beyond. Indeed, even gaining admission into Starfleet Academy is considered an honor unto itself.

But while each cadet faces similar challenges from an academic, physical, and emotional standpoint, and despite the regimented rigidity found and expected on campus, each newly commissioned ensign leaves with a different opinion of their journey, and individual memories about their experience. Some had the times of their lives, while others consider it a miserable period through and through.

This poll asks you about your character’s impression of their time at Starfleet Academy. Did they enjoy it, relishing every minute of instruction, study and campus life? Or were they far less enthused, chafing under the discipline and lofty expectations? Perhaps they were more in the middle- finding both positive and negative aspects in abundance. Give us your vote, and explain in the comment's section below! 

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