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Par’tha Cold War Threatens to Bring the Heat

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ARNDALL – Cold war between Valcarian and Caraadian empires grows ever warmer with new disputes over strategic shipyards.

Shortly after the senior staff of the USS Blackwell, NCC-58999, recovered from their mishap in the holodeck, the ship was ordered back through the Par’tha Expanse to a small planet in a fringe system that was threatening to blow a mostly cold war conflict into a full out war. Strategically placed shipyards brought the Valcarian Fleet to the planet, but when the Caraadians refused to give it up, the Valcarians vowed to take it by force.

Skirmishes on the planet itself have taken a distinct toll on both sides of the conflict, and blockades have created a humanitarian crisis, especially for the civilians caught in the crossfire. As such, the Caraadians requested aid, which was sent in the form of the Blackwell, a small medical ship that would be neutral and non-threatening in the shadow of war.

“The Blackwell is doing just what it was designed to do,” explained medical officer Syra Malone. “We’re here to bring comfort and aid in a way that is as non-threatening as possible to both sides of the war. It sounds dangerous, but this is exactly what we signed up for, and how we can do the most good.”

Arriving to the planet, the senior staff devised a plan that allowed the distribution of aid and medical care to both sides, while offering an out to the leadership. Both sides’ leaders were invited aboard the Blackwell to meet with the Federation Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti in an attempt to see if a peaceful solution could be reached. As soon as they were invited aboard, however, the skirmishes on the surface intensified.

As the bombs began to fly, multiple shuttlecraft from the Blackwell landed on the surface and were met with locals expressing thanks for the help. With injured everywhere, the supply runs began en force with supplies and medical care spreading among those with the highest needs.

Written by Kali Nicholotti

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