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Ensign Lewis Little: Technobabble 101 (USS Blackwell)


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(USS Blackwell - Deck 21 - Main Engineering))


Little: I would expect there to be little or no help from either side. ::He pulled up a short range scan and checked it out before moving on.:: I can see why you have had trouble, Lieutenant... We’ve been Raspberried… ::He looked up slightly at the confused look on her face.::


::Once more, Rolla looked across at the engineer with a hiked eyebrow and a quizzical expression. The man certainly had a way with words.::


Little:  An Earth term I picked up at the Academy. It’s of no importance… ::He continued on with an explanation.:: There isn't one jamming field in operation. ::He tapped at the panel and copied the data from his screen to hers.:: It appears there are two fields working in apparent unison. This is going to make our job of cutting through the interference that much more difficult...


::Of course there were two jamming fields. Nothing was ever going to be that simple!::


Haneer: Oh wonderful... ::her voice was thick was sarcasm and she punctuated her annoyance at the situation with a deep sigh. She looked at the information he had sent to her console.:: So how do we play this? I'm not a communications expert like I said and I'm definitely not an engineer. Too much Technobabble.


::Little looked up as a Bajoran male approached the par at the console. He seemed enthusiastic to him.::


K'Torin: Greetings... Was wondering if there was any way I could help. I sort of overheard about the jamming...


:::Rolla jumped, having not heard the approach of the other engineer. She turned quickly on the spot, clutching her chest with one splayed hand.::


Haneer: Oh my! I didn't hear you approach! ::she took several deep breaths, trying to steady her newly frazzled nerves.::


Little: We need to overheat the multi-spacial gearbox. oOHe already said he had overheard us, why as what is 'up'?Oo


K'Torin: I'd be happy to. Just let me know what's up.


Little: ::Raising a brow.:: That was a 'joke'... Never the less... ::He continued on his explanation.:: What's you're name?


K'Torin: K'Torin Raj, or just Raj really. :: He extended his right hand, the gloved one remaining by his side. :: Pleasure to meet you sir.


::Haneer appraised the dark skinned Bajoran as the earring caught the overhead lights. For a moment it seemed to sparkle, giving the man a luminous quality.::


Haneer: Well Raj, why don't you join me here? ::she stepped to the side, allowing him access to the console.::


K'Torin: ?


Haneer: ::she looked across at Little.:: You mentioned something about there being two jamming fields in operation? Is there any way for us to ascertain their frequencies from the Blackwell?


Little: Perhaps... ::He thought for a moment.:: Yes, you need to modulate the Dorsal Magnetic Pulsar.


Haneer/K'Torin: ?


Haneer: Alright, tell me what you need me to do. ::she added an edge of determination to her voice. She wanted to succeed in finding a way to communicate with their people. The XO was down on the planet, as was the Chief Tactical Officer and Security Chief. If Blackwell should be attacked by... whatever it was down there... she knew that they would have a harder time without three of the most importantly people on the ship.


Little: You will have to wait for my signal before testing the Pulsar modifications. If we modify the Gamma Ray Bubble Matrix before we carbonate the Gamma Ray Dish, the Photon Control Circuit could be irreparably damaged. ::A resonant beeping came from the panel, he looked down, glaring at the screen.:: That's odd... I'm detecting some unusual Muon signatures in the Thorium Microfilament Conduit.


Haneer/K'Torin: RESPONSE


Little: Nothing I can't handle. I just don't like the look of it, what it may suggest...


Haneer:/K'Torin: RESPONSE


Little: Let's just say the strength of the field has increased. It's draining the Warp Coolant.


Haneer/K'Torin: RESPONSE


Little: I don't know yet... The levels aren't draining fast enough to cause us any concern... At the rate they are draining, it would take over three weeks to completely drain the power before moving to other systems... I'll keep an eye on it from here, but you may want Operations to run their own scans as well. Maybe they can locate the source?


Haneer/K'Torin: RESPONSE


Ensign Lewis Little

Engineering Officer

USS Blackwell NCC 58999

Andaris Task Force

UFoP SB:118


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