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Ensign Na'Lae Mandak - A Sneeze for Gunfire

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@Na'Lae Mandak getting herself into a bit of a situation, all because of a sneeze...

(( Somewhere in Navatria, Arndall))

:: There had been an enormous hiccup in the plan thus far. What started as a simple medevac, had turned into far more than a cluster. There were many casualties now, including those of the Revan. Lae was among them. Matthew had been unconscious, Dairro injured as well. The doctor seemed to be one of the more better off folks. The others were worse for wear. Not to mention the actual casevacs they had been sent to retrieve in the first place. For now, they tended to their wounds, and made ready for what lay ahead for them, on the hostile planet. :: 

:: The crew had been tending to their wounds, and getting their wits about them, when a loud shriek had been heard from outside the downed shuttle. It wasn't terran... But is was organic. Ferentis had instinctively gone on the defensive, wanting to know what it was they were on about now. But he was injured, and worse than what he let on. :: 

G’Renn: Ferentis, what’s wrong with your arm?


Ferentis: It’s nothing at all. I’m fine.


Mandak: You should sit... How're are you gonna be any sort of tough guy if you're hurt?

:: Lae stood near the man, trying to be supportive, but in reality, she wished he'd take a seat. :: 


Thoran: Ms Mandak....is right.


G’Renn: If you think I’m about to let you go out there without least checking your injuries, you may want to think again. 


Mandak: Just let her look mate...

Ferentis: [Tag]


Thoran: Mr Ferentis, …. I insist…. you allow….the doctor….to check….you over.


Ferentis: [Tag]

:: For now, he seemed to give into the Commander and his physician. Probably a better move than he thought. :: 


G’Renn: Now, let’s take a look…  ::That was when she saw the bone sticking out of his wrist.:: We’ll need to set that bone back in place. Hold still for a moment.


:: Lae listened to the snap crackle and pop of the doctor working. It looked to be a bad break of the man's arm. She worked quickly though, setting things straight. Lae had readied her firearm by then, and began to work on getting the comms system in some sort of order, even just to send a distress signal. Letting the Blackwell know what had happened would more than likely be something the Commander wished to do. She wanted to be ready for the order. She quit fiddling with things when the Commander spoke again, amidst his own wounds. :: 


Thoran: Doctor, what is…. the status of…. the Valcarian patients?


G’Renn: I will check on them right away.


Thoran: Okay. Let me know…. once you’ve done…. that. Mr Ferentis…. being our resident engineer….  I want you to…. start working on restoring…. power. Ms Mandak...


:: Just as she piped up, she could hear whatever it was outside had drawn closer, and had friends. She was awaiting the order... :: 


Thoran: Ms Mandak…. take Dairro and Matthew….have a quick scout outside..... Assess…. the situation. Keep comlines open.


Mandak: Aye sir... :: She nodded to the two, who had armed themselves as well. ::  Let's get out there...

:: She moved with the small team to the main entry in the rear of the craft, which was slightly open, just enough for them to slip out. There was smoke about... dust. It was tough to see anything really. Lae took up a starting position on her knee in front of the door, while the other two fanned out, but stayed close. There was a well defined trench in which the runabout sat. She could see now the extent of the damage to the Revan. That's when she heard the shriek. She turned her head suddenly to her left, looking straight at... something... The others followed suit. Lae gave a signal to stay low. ::

:: It was large... whatever it was... and there were two other smaller things with it. It bore armor... dull and gray... with some sort of headress. Or at least the big one had it. The other two seemed scraggly, seemed to follow the big one about. It was bipedal, and hulking, with large claws, or hands or something. She could see a weapon of some sort as well, but couldn't make it out that well. The dim light of evening was creeping in now, adding to the difficulty in seeing anything at all. :: 

Mandak: Mandak to Commander Thoran... :: in a low voice. :: 

Thoran: [tag]


Mandak: A small group. One large one. Insectoid. Bipedal. Armed. 

Thoran: [Tag]

Mandak: They're moving away from us for the moment... 

:: She could see out of the corner of her eye, Matthew was holding in a sneeze... oO No... No no no...Oo The sneeze exited his face... And so did his color. He immediately clamped down on his mouth. She looked to the thing, which had now turned about, and was looking right in their direction. She could see it in full view now. Large, with smaller arms in other places, and a definitely insectoid set of DNA. It was moving towards them quickly now, clearly having spotted them. It let out another shriek, getting the attention of the smaller broodlings that had accompanied it. The thing raised a rifle, and began to fire right at them. ::

Mandak: Gotta go... we've got incoming... :: She hit the charging unit on the phase rifle. The comm closed. ::

Thoran: [Tag]

Mandak: FIRE! 

:: The phaser blasts flew from Dairro, not so much  from Matthew, who sort of slunk down in the dirt. She raised up to a crouch from her knees, and sent phaser pulses down range at the smaller units first, striking one of them square in its toothy maw. It landed hard and slid a good six feet. The second one met a similar fate. The larger one... That was a different story. ::

:: She sent pulses in its direction, with the energy striking it's armor, but leaving no real damage save for a singe mark here and there. She couldn't tell if it was shielded, or if it was just the armor plating it wore. Either way, they were going to have to come up with a plan. The thing took  up a position near the runabout, and kept the aggression up. ::

Mandak: Commander! :: Over her commbadge :: 

Thoran: [Tag]

Mandak: One baddie left... He's shielded. Under fire. Need assistance!

Thoran / Anyone: [Tag]


Ensign Na'Lae Mandak
Helm Officer
USS Blackwell 
Andaris Task Force


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