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Telemachus Remo

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After seeing it i want to open it up again, i have taken every ones post before this into accoumt. And since i've got it recorded on my computer any screen shots you want i'll post.

1. The ships that where in the battle

Prometheus class

Dauntless Class

Nova class (most likely the future refit since it was so strong.)

And you can only just see this but i think it's point I think you can see a Klingon Vocha class.

2. When Daniels speaks about the federation he only metions





And Ithernights (sp)

3. The Enterprise-J seems only to be watching it's does shake but not as if it's been hit, if you are to be really up tite it shakes a few times also you also notice the explosion of a sphere builder vessel being the result or 2, and the others do not seem to be as if they are being hit. Also an other factor in the window at any time does the ship seem to be moving would it not be moving if it was fighting.

4. There is only one phaser blast that could be from J seen in the sequence, because the shot seems to come from the hull but it is a tad off shot so you could guess it was, but it seems more likely to be from a ship fire downwards rather then from the phaser aray. Also one of the sphere builds fires on maybe the entprise-j now would it not shake and would you not hear a muffed hit from where they were. But you get none of these so i believe it was firing at the ship that i later believed destoryed it.

My Conclusion

I believe that the J is watching the events showing the battle to archer because after about so little years to you honestly believe that you would have got to j to e that quickly and also would the layout and decor of a ship change so much? So it is my Belief that the J is from the 29+ centary onwards.

Ok well i hope i have cleaned somethings up and messed a few around.

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