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Temporal Anomalies Reveal Ravenous Devidians

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STARBASE 118 – In the wake of strange temporal anomalies, the crew of Starbase 118 finds itself trying to defend their timeline in both the past and the present.

In the last few weeks, Starbase 118 has been the location of strange occurrences and anomalies; fragments of ships appearing and indicating a ship having suffered a warp core breach who no such accident has occurred, strange flashes, and time-sensitive species suffering headaches and other physical maladies. The staff was quick to being an investigation.

The station’s senior staff gathered in the Hub’s briefing room to discuss their findings, though the inconclusive reports meant they could only speculate at what might be occurring. As the conversation turned to time travel and related aliens, an explosion took place that destroyed much of the room.

When the light faded only Lt. Commander Taelon and Ensigns Dehnir, Lyndsay and Braddock remained. With the doors warped and the rest of the staff seemingly vanished, these four stumbled out of the room after being helped by Lt. McLaren, who’d just arrived on the starbase.

Meanwhile the staff that had vanished found themselves in the same briefing room – 20 years prior. It wasn’t long before they realized they’d been sent back in time to the Kalendra attacks, and the group quickly went undercover in the hopes of finding the sources of the mysterious fragments.

Back in the present, the remaining staff realized the most likely culprits of the anomalies and the explosion were the Devidians, a mysterious alien race once encountered by the USS Enterprise-D. With the Enterprise’s report largely classified, the team was forced to improvise a way of contacting the temporal invaders in the hopes of negotiating and finding out the fate of their fellow crew.

In the past, Lt. Commander Aitas led a team to check the station’s records for ships matching the fragments found in the future, and matched them to the USS Xanth – the ship ferrying the station’s old senior staff to safety. Hoping to prevent the ship’s explosion, the staff snuck aboard a shuttle heading to the Xanth.

In the present, Lt. Commander Taelon devised a plan to use a stange phasing accident from the previous year as a method to reach the Devidian’s phase-variant realm. They set up the holodeck with the help of Zel Rohan and Major Dal.

“I will have to recalculate the drinks Lt. Commander Aitas owes you should this be successful,” one of the assistant robots told Rohan.

The staff managed to make contact with some of the Devidians – only to find out the Devidians are a split group, with some purposefully attempting to sabotage the timeline as revenge for the USS Enterprise-D’s actions on Devidia II.

Written by Taelon

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