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Winter wonderland for USS Atlantis crew

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TIGELIS SYSTEM – Following an intense mission, the USS Atlantis crew took part in Tiruelle’s Winter Festival activities for shore leave.

After the dreadful attempt to make peace between the Caraadians and the Valarians at Devron, the crew of the USS Atlantis was offered a place to rest by Captain Sheyl Drentana of House Larokon. She convinced Atlantis commanding officer Commander Brell to head over to Tiruelle for its Winter Festival in their colony. Once there, most of the crew took some time off and engaged in all kinds of seasonal activities.

While the ship’s first officer Lt. Commander Alexander Williams ended up in a snowball fight with his girlfriend, other members of the USS Atlantis started to explore the mountains and went rock climbing only to face a much more difficult journey then they had signed up for. No one got in more trouble than Commander Tel-ar, however, as he was severely wounded on his way up an icy cliff. Losing more than an antenna, he was forced to retreat to the Atlantis sickbay.

During shore leave there was also time for a more serious gathering. In the Atlantis’ first award ceremony under Commander Brell, several of his officers were awarded the Captain’s Commendation for saving Brell, planning an excellent cover group for the peace negotiations, and retrieving a prisoner of war from a space station that was under fire. As if the commendations weren’t enough, several individuals were also promoted.

Overall, it was a great experience for everyone involved, including Lt. Commander Williams, who was decorating his crew for the first time.

“Well done. You make us all proud to work with such fine officers as yourselves,” he said.

Written by Alexander Williams

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