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Mystery on Starbase 173 deepens as the Gorkon crew investigates

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SECTOR 23 — USS Gorkon encounters Orions and hostile aliens at Starbase 173 during an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of almost everyone on the base.

The crew of the Gorkon, NCC-82293, dispatched multiple teams around the starbase, having found the station empty – all 100,000 occupants seemingly disappeared without a trace. Workstations seemed to have been abandoned suddenly; many computer consoles were even still logged in.

Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds led a team to the station’s command center where it was discovered that the station’s diagnostic systems were set on a loop, preventing the station’s automated distress calls from being sent. A message scrawled on the wall nearby read “they are coming.”

Evidence of a smuggling ring, appearing to be under investigation by the station’s Starfleet Intelligence department, was confirmed when Reynolds’ team was attacked by a squad of Orion Syndicate soldiers. During the firefight that ensued, a seemingly unrelated alien entity aided the Starfleet team, resulting in a number of Syndicate members being slaughtered. In the confusion, Reynolds and her team were able to escape to the station’s intelligence suite, where the pieces of a mysterious artifact of ancient Romulan origin possibly related to the alien entity were found.

Another team from the Gorkon, led by LtCmdr. Ayiana Sevo to the station’s science labs, discovered the body of Commander Grall, CO of the USS Komodo, who was tasked with investigating the smuggling ring. Sevo’s team soon found themselves under attack by another team of Syndicate members. As the Starfleet officers defended themselves, a large subspace fissure opened inside the complex and disgorged an alien creature that attacked both the Starfleet officers and the Orions. In an attempt to find cover, they blasted open the doors to a nearby science lab only to find more dead Orions and a member of the unidentified alien race, which attacked a member of the Gorkon’s team, Ens. Tasha MacFarlane, who was injured.

“Without going into graphic detail,” Nurse Erin Tibenna of the Gorkon explained, “Ensign MacFarlane is going to need a biosynthetic limb replacement. It was a very brutal injury.”

Other teams from the Gorkon encountered similar resistance throughout the station, as well as other subspace fissures. The SS Wayne Trace – hours mysteriously missing from its navigation logs – which had been working with the Komodo, was found docked in the station. Elsewhere, a group of survivors were found and are being cared for until they are prepared to shed some light on what they experienced before the crew of the Gorkon arrived.

Written by Ayiana Sevo, edited by the Federation News Service

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