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Civilian Kreetassan ship collides with 21st century Earth relic

Federation News Service

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SOL SYSTEM — A civilian Kreetassan trade vessel suffered heavy damage when a 21st century human land vehicle collided into the trade ship.

It took investigators time to identify the offending vehicle as it bares little resemblance to what it once was. The roadster, an early model of Earth electric cars made by a private company around the early 2000s, was unmanned and has seemingly been adrift in the Sol system for over three hundred years. Upon collision with the Kreetassans, only its aluminum frame remained, devoid of its original paint job or plastic and leather innards due to continuous exposure to solar and cosmic radiation for centuries.

The car smashed into the stationary Kreetassan vessel with next to no warning as they awaited clearance to enter Mars space, their sensors and deflector dish unable to compensate for the incredible speed of the car gained during its drift around the area. The trade vessel, equipped with minor shielding and crewed by seven Kreetassans, may be decommissioned due to the crash. Luckily, only minor injuries were sustained by the crew.

“This thing was lodged into our starboard hull!” stated Byt Vidaliak, the vessel’s Kreetassan owner. “We lost over half of our stock, and our ship will have to be entirely refurbished. That thing was an accident just begging to happen!”

Read the rest of the article here:
Civilian Kreetassan ship collides with 21st century Earth relic

This story was written for the Federation News Service by Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake of the USS Veritas.

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