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Caraadians, Valcarians forces clash on Devron

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DEVRON, PAR’THA EXPANSE – Clashing forces threaten to destabilize the balance of power in the region, putting myriad civilians and Starfleet officers at risk.

A Federation team from the USS Atlantis was caught in the crossfire as Caraadians separatists, supported by a dozen Valcarian troops, engaged in an open fighting with the House Beruna guards.

Concurrently, Kralin Thundin – the first Grand Duke of the Principal and the Valcarian representative – was brutally assassinated at the Meeting Dome in the presence of Federation mediators led by Cmdr. Brell.

“Justice is swift in the expanse, Commander,” Earl Sethaz, leader of the separatists, was quoted saying to Cmdr Brell, moments after he had murdered opposing delegate.

The situation escalated quickly from there as members of the Caradian delegation ordered Valcarian vessels in orbit destroyed. Following a brief skirmish, the Imperial fleet made a hasty retreat, ending the conflict for the moment.

Atlantis crew discovered an attempt at sabotage in the computer core, but it was purged before more harm could be done and the ship began a journey back to Deep Space 26 for debriefing on the conflict.

Written by Christopher Lambert, edited by the FNS

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