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USS Atlantis conducts negotiations between rival empires for control of the planet Devron

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DEVRON, PAR’THA EXPANSE – USS Atlantis relaunched; conducts negotiations to end crisis on border province shipping world.

The USS Atlantis, NCC-74682, has been relaunched. Under the command of Commander Brell, and Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams, the ship is undertaking a new mission to explore the Par’tha Expanse. After the crew was welcomed aboard in an informal ceremony in the ship’s mess hall, they were briefed about a tense situation on the planet Devron, the location of their first mission.

The crew prepared to conduct negotiations between two empires, who both claim rightful ownership of the planet and its important starport. Officially, Devron is aligned to the Caraadian House of the Expanse but a local group of nobles desires to break free and join the Valcarians instead. As the endpoint of the “Devron Run,” a vital shipping lane that connects the worlds of Prosenna, Derex, Beruna and connections to the Oscion Shipping Lane, the Caraadian’s have deemed it too important to simply surrender to the Valcarians.

Commander Brell and an away team have beamed to the surface to lead the negotiations. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Williams – the Atlantis’ new first officer – kept watch over a tense standoff between two Valcarian destroyers and two Caraadian cruisers. So far, the Atlantis is only observing, but with tensions growing, it may be a matter of time before the ship is forced to take action.

Following a series of possible kidnappings taking place, Atlantis has also dispatched additional away teams to the planet’s surface and orbitting space station. One team, under the command of Lieutenant Pond, is searching for clues to see if the local nobles are being coerced their sudden desire to join the Valcarians. A second team, under the command of Lieutenant Danara, is investigating the space station to gather more information.

Lieutenant Danara, intelligence officer of the Atlantis reports: “We’re walking a very fine line here.”

Written by LtCmdr. Alexander Williams and Cmdr. Brell

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