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RAdm Renos - Starfleet Parents

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((USS Blackwell, Deck 1, Bridge))

Renos: We were on our way to investigate some strange signals detected at a nearby debris field. As we approached the helm console malfunctioned and we lost all control. We -literally- smashed our way through pulling off some insane stunt with the deflector dish. We later discovered a virus in the system was the cause and engineers have been running it down and purging our systems ever since. Doing a great job of it too since we’re nearly ready to depart dry dock once again and get underway.

Dirsye: Dear Altha, it’s good the ship is still in one piece. I’m good in security systems, if you don’t mind I’d like to see if I can find any traces of bad coding in the computer once we will be on our way and repairs are done.

::The Admiral wasn’t sure whether or not that would be necessary. Engineering and security had already been tasked with ensuring their systems were completely secure from top to bottom, from the tiniest grains of code and beyond. In nir time here viruses, sabotage and systems bugs had plagued nem. Ne couldn’t stand to see that continue to happen, and to plague this crew the same way. It was beginning to feel like some awful curse ne couldn’t shake, illogical as the notion was. Putting childish paranoia back in its place, ne gave the engineer a small sympathetic smile for ne knew there was a lot of work ahead of the young woman. Her contributions were much needed right now and certainly appreciated.::

Renos: I’m sure it’s not how you imagined your first day would bring.

Dirsye: Oh my. What I imagined my life will be and what it turned into are fire and ice, Sir. But the wisdom gained from fire is burning stronger and longer. ::Tya smiled and closed her eyes, apparently lost in thought for a moment.:: I learned to appreciate the pain because every joy is better after that. You know the saying after every rain comes the sun.

::Renos hadn’t heard the saying and didn’t believe it. Weather aside, taking things as ne believed she meant it, nir life had been one long storm. If ne was lucky, it stopped raining for awhile. Sometimes, when ne lay in bed at night ne wondered if happiness was a myth - or maybe just something out of reach for deviants.::

::Of course, ne loved Asana but ne worried constantly about nem coming to harm during events like this. Nir stomach was always knotted and ne felt ill with worry trying to do what ne could to hold things together, knowing duty kept nem apart from nir baby, who really needed nem in moments like that. Ne worried constantly that Asana would grow to love the nannys - even the holographic one better than nem. They were the ones who cared for nem in times of danger, when ne was occupied with nir duty - which was often. Ne tried to make what little time they got special - but was it enough?::

::Then there was Poppy. How they had hit it off. Asana had been the unexpected result of their passion. Ne hadn’t even known it was possible for J’naii to reproduce naturally any more! They didn’t do it and hadn’t done for centuries, it was considered too painful and dangerous. Ne had never seen or heard or a pregnant J’naii. Renos certainly wasn’t going out of nir way to break every social taboo in nir culture but was nevertheless well on nir way to achieving it.::

Renos: I’ve heard many sayings all with similar notions. I am fond of the one that goes along the lines of, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. We all have our challenges to overcome.

Dirsye: You can’t have everything. I resigned to have a family, I left my babies on Deep Space 26 with a nanny. I know having Family close can make you work better, but their security is more important and I was informed Deep Space 26 is our safe haven after every mission, so I arranged for quarters there.

::Renos could barely imagine how difficult it must be to have a family and then leave them behind. What was strange to nem, was resigning to have a family, and then leaving them behind. Her priorities had taken her away from Starfleet and that was fine but it seemed her priorities had once again shifted. Her family couldn’t be that important to her if she rejoined Starfleet and left them behind in the care of someone else. It wasn’t Renos’s place to judge. Nir baby was aboard and it was a much safer place than Deep Space 26, in nir view. Deep Space 26 was a Chon station. It was alien in design and had a significant Freeworlds presence. They were effectively guests in this region and didn’t yet have significant influence. There were too many people that could be bought, blackmailed or coerced into kidnapping nir child on behalf of deviant hunters who would be every bit as pleased to see nir baby exterminated as to see nem reconditioned - or worse. Asana was definitely safer here. Not to mention Renos couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing nir baby for an extended period. The ship had already been away from Deep Space 26 for many months and would not be returning there for a great many more either.::

Renos: I think you’ve been misinformed. We will not be returning to Deep Space 26 after every mission. It’s a secure station but in a region like this, no place is a safe haven. It’s not for me to tell you what to do but you might want to consider whether you’ve made the best choice for you and your family there.

Dirsye: Whatever you say, Sir. I’ll follow your orders, but I have to be honest and say I’d love to see engineering. It’s heart and soul of every vessel and to every engineer dearest place aboard.

::Obviously nir advise as a parent and someone with more experience in Starfleet was not particularly welcome. Maybe ne had touched on a nerve? This new Ensign seemed really nice and there seemed a certainty bubbliness about her personality that was endearing. It as certainly clear she loved her job. Perhaps ne was overthinking things. After all, if ne knew there was a medical emergency going on, ne would want to be in the middle if sickbay mucking in. Dirsye knew the ship was in trouble, so it was natural that her drive to get in there and put things to rights would be at its peak.::

Renos: Of course, I understand. Welcome aboard Ensign. Go ahead and report to Ensign Yesna in engineering.  

::The Admiral hoped to catch up with Dirsye again later. Maybe it would be nice for a couple of parents to compare notes about the highs and lows of being a parent in Starfleet. With Brell having been given command of the Atlanis, he and family members Lyldra and Hars had moved on. Ne really missed them but was sure they would stay in touch. He had relied a lot on Lyldra in particular and her experience bringing up twins Renu and Lianu who were a little older than Asana. The kids would certainly miss each other but as the same time ne couldn’t hold back great officers for nir own selfish needs.::

::Stepping onto the bridge around the same time as the Ensign left it, was Commander Wilmer and Ensign Tu’Peq.::

Wilmer: Admiral Renos, we’re back from the Burellion cultural exchange, ner. We have some interesting findings to report.

Renos: That’s wonderful. I’d love to hear all about it.

Wilmer/Tu’Peq: Response

::The trio talked about all that had happened, with Renos wishing ne could have been there. Nir own trip to Burellion had been interesting in its own way and hopefully they would get something solid to use from the Consortium from it. Engineering reported the ship’s condition was sufficient to allow them to leave dry dock. It was still take weeks to get to the frontline where the Valcarians were aggressively expanding and they were well behind their targeted arrival date but there was nothing they could do. The ship would be operating on skeleton crews as they travelled the busy trade lane because it was the only rest they would get before an intense mission.::

Rear Admiral Renos - Commanding Officer, Andaris Task Force
* Executive Council & Captain's Council Member

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