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Kudos, Randal Shayne


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My goodness, can @Randal Shayne ever capture the immediacy of a moment!



::It seemed that Thoran consistently conjured the most appropriate questions, seemingly without great effort, and extremely quickly. He just had a knack for getting to the source of the troubles, after absorbing every bit of relevant information. He found himself wishing, for just a moment, that they might trade places. Shayne wasn’t proud of much, but his fierce pride in his work, and his commission, burned brightly at all times. That being said, the ship and crew came first. If someone was more suited to leading, let them. Besides, he didn’t think he could bare a mistake right now- not when the tension was so high.::

::A moment later, a rush of sickening disgust coursed through him. As much as he might not enjoy it right now, he was in command. How dare he even wish to absolve himself of that responsibility! It was an offense to the unceasing effort it had taken him to reach this point, professionally and psychologically. It was also a breach of trust on the highest order. Right now, as far as he knew, his subordinates trusted him with leadership- not something to ever take lightly. Would he repay their faith by capitulating to his doubts and frustration? Not while he still had a pulse.::

Shayne: oO Now I understand why it’s called taking command. Oo



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