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Let’s talk about transfers

StarBase 118 Staff

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Most people in the fleet love their ship and would be loathe to leave it unless forced to. But sometimes, making a change is necessary to refresh your skills, learn more about simming, meet new people, or just move into a role you’ll enjoy more. That’s when it’s time to start thinking about a transfer.

Simply enough, a transfer is the move of your primary or secondary character from one ship to another. (You can only sim on two ships at a time. And you don’t need to file a transfer form to move NPCs between ships – just talk to your CO.)

When a transfer form is submitted, the Fleet Placement Officer (FPO) reviews it and makes a good-faith effort to find a placement that fulfills those requests as closely as possible. Sometimes the requests are not available – positions might be filled by someone else, or the ship might already have a full crew. In that case, the FPO will use secondary requests as submitted on the form, but if those also aren’t a fit, the FPO will contact the player and ask if they want to consider other open roles or ships, or stay where they are. Per our Constitution (Article V, Section 15), members are protected in the event their placements can’t be fulfilled.

We make every effort to try and keep the transfer process as simple and convenient for members as possible as we’d rather have members transfer to a new ship they think they might like better rather than drop out completely! But we always recommend that players talk to their Commanding Officer as openly and frankly as possible to resolve any disputes before trying to transfer – sometimes a good discussion can sort out any confusion or issues that seem intractable.

If a transfer still sounds like the best option to ensure you can keep simming, click here to check out the transfer form and learn more about the process.

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