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Taventa Robotics hacking robot breaches Atlantis’ systems, steals critical data

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USS ATLANTIS – Robotic hacking device discovered attempting to steal sensitive data during routine diagnostics.

After detecting a systems-related security breach, the investigating team aboard the USS Atlantis, NCC-74682, found not a person but a robot hidden inside a container that was leaching data directly from the Atlantis’ data grid. As the four men approached the robot, an explosion of sound and movement followed by an avalanche of falling cargo containers. LtCmdr Shayne, LtJG Jarred Thoran and Ensign Vito Jiace were unharmed, however Ensign Oswald’s leg was pinned underneath a fallen container and in the confusion, the robot fled.

Shayne ordered Thoran to pursue the robot, while he and Jiace stayed to assist Oswald. As Oswald fell into delirium Shane called for a medic. Once medics arrived on the scene, and the hazard was removed, a second robot emerged from the shadows, violently attaching itself to a medic. Shayne managed to pull the robot off, but too attempted to flee the scene. In the struggle that followed, Shayne was able to shott and disable the robot, which was then suspended in the ship’s transporter buffer and held there in stasis.

Meanwhile, Thoran and Jiace, responding to a security alert from deflector control, finally caught up to the first robot. Readying his weapon Jiace charged into the room, with Jarred following behind. Jiace ducked behind the main console while Jarred ducked behind a canister. The robot flung itself, cannonball style, into Jiace, bringing him to the ground. With effort, Jiace managed to keep the robot at arm’s length while Jarred attempted to find a clear shot with his phaser. Unfortunately, the pair were so intertwined, Jarred could not risk firing at the robot without also risking hitting Jiace. As a security team arrived, Jiace ordered them to hold fire as he continued to struggle with the robot.

The stalemate ended when the robot leapt from Jiace to deflector control’s main console, hammering at the controls. With Jaice no longer in the line of fire, Jarred and the security team opened fire, but their effors were blocked by a force field. Moments later, the robot exploded just as Shayne and another security contingent arrived. The crisis was over.

Crewman Douglas remarked, “Taventa Robotics sure have a lot to answer for. The blood spilled today is on their hands.”

Written by Merrick R’Ven

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