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USS Veritas continues efforts to aid Antor II

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ANTOR IICoverage continues from last report on terrorist attacks on Antor II’s capital. Federation representatives are now cautiously optimistic that an evacuation will not be necessary as rescue efforts continue.

Reporters on site have now confirmed that this incident was directly linked to the “Declaration of War” from known terrorist Jilor and his organization. The attack utilized at least one tricobalt device. The USS Veritas, NCC-95035, remains on hand to provide medical and engineering assistance.

“We still haven’t heard if we’re completely safe from this Jilor character,” remarked Toshal Burr, a Bolian colonist who lives on Antor II whose home was severely damaged in an explosion. “But that Federation starship got my daughter back to me after fixin’ her up where she got hurt, and that’s good enough for now.”

The terrorist group lead by Jilor, a former member of the Klingon armed forces, has publicly claimed responsibility for the attacks and warned that the Colonial Coalition in the Shoals will continue to be targeted by further attacks.

Thus far, Starfleet contacts have refused to comment on the military capabilities of Jilor and his allies, whether or not they believe further attacks are incoming, or if this statement from the terrorist group is a falsification. However, they have released a statement indicating that they are optimistic that repairs to the colony will be successful and no evacuation will be necessary.

Written by Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

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