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Gorkon shore leave results in confrontation with San Francisco police

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SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – The crew of the USS Gorkon celebrate their ship’s anniversary with a lavish party at the Palace Hotel.

Having returned to Earth for repairs and to celebrate its two-year anniversary, the crew of the USS Gorkon have been enjoying their shore leave. While several of the operations, engineering and science staffs bonded over drinks at the Foo Bar in downtown San Francisco, other crew enjoyed on a penguin observation expedition in Antarctica or stayed aboard to get to know new members. Meanwhile, a formal dinner ceremony was prepared to mark the end of leave, and is planned to include an awards ceremony to recognise the achievements of the crew on recent missions.

At the Foo Bar, the Gorkon crew were sharing drinks when Commander Alucard Vess came crashing through a window after an orbital skydive training exercise with a marine contingent went awry. From there things escalated quickly. Third year cadet George Lennon, at the bar to celebrate the birthday of a friend, reports he heard “a huge crash, like a massive mirror breaking” and saw “this big guy [Vess] in a space jumpsuit carrying another guy”, later confirmed to be Marine Private Wilson Jenkins.

The disturbance resulted in the local constabulary arriving wanting to “make arrests first and take statements later,” Lennon explained. Lennon and his friends watched various Gorkon crew try, and ultimately fail, to talk down SFPD Sergeant William Teclyn from his mission to get answers. Tension continued to rise between the police and Starfleet, including the rest of the marine contingent arriving for backup, until Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, commanding officer of the Gorkon, arrived to defuse the situation. She agreed to make Vess and anyone injured available for questioning in the matter after they had seen a medical team. Meanwhile, she encouraged the newly arrived marines to leave, suggesting the same for the police.

To mark the end of shore leave, Commander Walter Brunsig, Commanding Officer of the USS Triumphant and Deputy Taskforce Commander in the Tyrellian Sector, arranged for an elegant party at the Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. With its grand architecture and over 500 year history, the hotel was an ideal place for such a resplendent gathering. Crewman Second Class Halle Marsh, with the Biology department, said “I’ve never seen such a grand building. Just beautiful. It’s real crystal in those chandeliers,” she said, pointing to the ancient lighting devices hanging from the ceiling. The rest of the crew, dressed in their formal whites, were equally impressed with the setup and look forward to congratulating their colleagues after the awards presentations planned for the evening.

Written by Trellis Vondaryan

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