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Poll of the Week: On Tap

Randal Shayne

Poll of the Week: On Tap  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Which eatery/bar did you like the most?

    • Ten Forward (aboard the Enterprise- D)
    • Quark's Bar (aboard Deep Space 9)
    • Mess hall aboard Enterprise (NX-01)
    • Mess hall aboard Voyager
    • Mess hall aboard Original Enterprise
    • Klingon Restaurant (Deep Space 9)
    • Vic's Holographic Club (Deep Space 9)
    • Something else? Let us know below!

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They’re as iconic as the ships and stations they reside on. While they were hardly as necessary as engines or a command deck, they still served a vital purpose. With the stress that comes with being an officer (the endless work, the responsibilities, the constant threat of assimilation or vaporization) it becomes essential for the crew to have a place where they can sit down, have a drink, and unwind.

Ten-Forward. Quark’s Bar. The mess halls aboard Enterprise and Voyager. Each of them had their own style, and a list of stories a mile long. Who could forget Worf’s delivery of Molly in Ten-Forward, or the time Guinan threatened to show a crew on the brink of mutiny Setting #2? How about the time Sisko punched (!) Q in a manly display of fisticuffs, or the stories exuded ad nauseam by Morn in Quark's? What about Tom Paris’ and Neelix’s duel in the Voyager mess, or the Doctor’s commando tactics when he attempted to flank a holographic Kazon? This is just the briefest account of the adventures that occurred behind the doors of these illustrious establishments.

This week’s poll asks you to think back, and choose the canon eatery/bar you liked the most. Did you enjoy the dignified yet loose air of Ten Forward, or the adventurous, brazen feeling of Quarks? Or did you perhaps prefer the more conventional atmosphere of Enterprise or Voyager’s hallowed (mess) halls? Or did you have another in mind? I know I haven’t mentioned all of them. In any case, cast your vote, and let us know your reasoning in the comments section!

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For me the writer, I think I would enjoy the mess hall on Voyager and Ten Forward the most. Both have a chef or bartender that you can create a long term relationship with (you can be a "regular") and you have your colleagues and Starfleet friends to socialize with (so a much more peaceful, controlled environment). I have the feeling that Quarks would be too loud (and possibly dangerous) for me. 

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