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Former Starbase 118 commanding officer reinstated

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TRINITY SECTOR – Starfleet Command announced today that Captain Sal Taybrim has once again been appointed as station commander.

Following the recent fallout from an Orion Syndicate-funded attack on the Trojan-II class space station, Captain Storm Bomba had been appointed as Taybrim’s replacement, but Starfleet Command revealed that he had been removed as station commander, citing “unbecoming conduct for an officer in his position.”

“The security and safety of all Federation citizens in the Trinity Sector is of paramount importance to Starfleet Command and following several questionable command decisions that placed civilian lives in danger, Admiral Vivan Hauke, sector commander, felt it necessary to permanently remove Captain Bomba, from his position and reinstate Captain Sal Taybrim,” said Starfleet media relations officer Lieutenant Arabella Krisha in a press conference at Starfleet headquarters in San Fransisco. Lieutenant Krisha declined to comment further on reports coming from Starbase 118 that said Bomba was in fact forced to step down during a recent mission to Dominicus VI.

Officers from Starbase 118 were also confirmed at the briefing to be behind the recent closure of a dilithium mine on the barren planet after discovering that it was funded by the resurgent Orion Syndicate.

“The command staff of the station have been awarded a plethora of service ribbons in recognition of their selfless acts,” said Krisha. “As a direct result of their heroism, over 750 civilians have been saved from a life of servitude.”

The station’s press office has published a full list of the awards given to the senior staff, as well as details of promotions for several key command staff members, including Commander Theo Whittaker (first officer), Lieutenant Commander Aitas (Starfleet Intelligence), Lieutenant Commander Taelon (Starfleet Science), and Lieutenant Ishani Kasun (Starfleet Security).

At present, the senior staff is enjoying a well-deserved shore leave as life aboard the station returns to normal.

Written by Theo Whittaker

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ufopsb118?d=yIl2AUoC8zA ufopsb118?i=cMhsOTNRzW8:bgw4xXLv7ns:D7Dq ufopsb118?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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