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Poll of the Week: Who Would You Draft?

StarBase 118 Staff

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Here’s the thing: It’s obvious I’m not a big gamer. But many other people in our community are really serious about their digital pursuits. World of Warcraft seems to be the preferred game by far, with Star Trek Timelines a close second.

After having someone explain the basic idea behind Timelines to me, I’ve come to understand that players attempt to resolve missions by utilizing the skills of their crew. These crewmembers are all recognizable from canon, but differing political allegiances, and the centuries between two characters in one of the television shows, would not apply here. Kirk could be teamed up with the Borg queen as easily as with Spock or McCoy.

That got me thinking. Each character has a set value in the game, but what if no such point value existed? What if you could choose a character from the game, or any character from any of the six television shows, to join your current crew?

A big question, I know! So many possibilities – any of Starfleet’s most famous names as a part of your manifest. Imagine seeing Montgomery Scott repairing a power coupling in a Jeffries tube, or Will Riker on the bridge, his collar again adorned with three pips.

What famous character would you want with you on your voyages? Give your vote, and then explain in the comments section!

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