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Lcmd Dr Boris Hendon: EMH woe

Irina Pavlova

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(( Bridge - USS Thor )) 

:: Hendon looked over the Medical station and noticed his own readings were off by 10%. He frowned at that he felt great. But his forehead was about to become more wrinkled. When another crew member entered the bridge. Who ever it was their readings did not register.:: 

EMH Charles: Looking beyond them at Toni:: Madam, I'm EMH Charles the Bridge EMH reporting for duty. 

Caminos/Pavlova/Waltas: Response 

:: Toni turned to Hendon's station to her left.:: 

Turner: Boris, did you enact him? :: But before he could answer, Charles answered.:: 

EMH Charles: Madam, I'm set to engage at any time the Thor leaves orbit. 

Hendon: Admiral Turner was talking to me you holographic Jackass!!!! 

Turner: Alright, Charles, you've reported in, now go stand at the ready near the Turbolift. 

EMH Charles: As you wish, Madam. 

:: Turning on his heel, he did as she said.:: 

Hendon: Admiral.........     

Turner: Not now, Boris, just report it as glitch number 2 after the power loss to the brig, and we'll have engineering take care of it after the cruise is over. 

Hendon: Yes Admiral. 

Anyone: Response(s) 

:: Was it Hendon's imagination? Or did the bridge EMH gave him a rather sarcastic looking smile. Boris did not like the EMH. How would the rest of the Bridge crew react if the CMO. Gave the bridge EMH a right hook to the head.:: 

Hendon: oO Ty samodovol'nyy syn sviney Oo 

:: A thought crossed Hendon's mind. Maybe the clothing problem with the medical EMH. Had not been a personal attack on him from Dr Zimmerman. It was common knowledge the man was a grumpy old goat. Maybe this was his way at getting back at 'Starfleet ' for what they did to the first series of EMH's. Using them for mining duties instead of medics.:: 

Lcmd Dr Boris Hendon 
Chief Medical Officer 
Duronis II Federation Embassy 
USS Thor 
Author ID:- W237809SP0 

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