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Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker: "Lucky(?) Luna"

Evan Delano

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((Outside of New Macau, Antor II, in a mine.. under a bunch of rocks))

oO Ow.Oo

:: Her first thought on awakening.. it was immediately followed by.. ::

oO Danni's going to kill me.. Oo

:: Despite the pressure on most of her body, the pain of multiple rocks attempting to become one with her body, and the possibility of being buried alive, she couldn't stop the momentary grin at her next thought. ::

oO But only if she finds out.  Oo

:: She opened her eyes slowly, glad for the light and hum of the force field above her head.  Apparently she'd been at least partially successful in throwing herself to it, though the throbbing in her head said she hadn't been perfectly so.  She closed her eyes, waiting for the pain to pass.. when she heard voices nearby.  ::

Voice 1: And I'm telling you we don't NEED to move at all now.  They tripped the trap and "proved" this mine is unstable.  Heck, they'll probably fall back to the refugee camp mentality after this.
:: Even with her head still feeling like she'd just barely survived a killer party the night before, she forced herself to lie still and listen.  Both voices were male, that was something... ::

Voice 2: We got lucky is what I'm saying.  And see this force field?  It's not like Starfleet is going to forget about that.  Or her!

:: "Her" which likely meant Thorin was further trapped in the rubble somewhere.  Or hopefully had gotten out entirely.  ::

Voice 1: Take a look at this.  If they had a stronger reactor, this would easily hold the weight.  But as it is?  It's going to die out in not that long.  And when it does? The rest of this area will collapse.  Even if she eventually wakes up.. which from the bleeding on the back of her head seems unlikely..

oO Wait!  I'm bleeding? Oo

Voice 1: ... the rest of this will crush her.  No mess, no fuss.  Meanwhile, Blackhurst is going to be having to deal with people hearing that Starfleet can't help them.  Come to think of it, having some news crews present and recording as the broken bodies come out would be a crushing blow.

oO This doesn't sound like Jilor's work at all.. Oo

Voice 2:  Wait!  I think she moved. 

:: Luna felt a barrel pushed up against her head.  She forced herself to remain limp, despite the agony that rolled through her.  A ragged moan slipping out between her lips. ::

Voice 2: She's alive!  We need to kill her now.. what if she tells someone!

:: The voices at this point seemed to fade in the distance behind the pain.  She knew they were close because she could feel the weapon.. and feel it knocked away...rocking her head back slightly  and sending the world spinning. ::

oO Come back here.. I'll vomit all over your legs Oo

Voice 2: Ow!  What was that for?  You said she was going to be dead soon anyway.. I'm just making sure. 

Voice 1: What are you, stupid?!?  If the ceiling falls on her, they may suspect sabotage.. but they can't prove it.  Even if they do, it's a trap laid.  but if they find any part of her missing... like from a disrupter... they are going to know someone was here.. and look around!

Voice 2: :: Petulantly:: Still no reason to hit me.  What if I take a rock and bash her head in then.. will that work?

oO Ok.. We have a daughter.   She went back into the past to save Danni.  This can't be the end for me.. otherwise she'd be here.  Stay calm.. Oo
:: She fought back the seemingly rational voice that pointed to temporal fluctuations, the possibility of a Q showing up to bring her back later.. or a host of other increasingly unlikely scenarios.  Panic wouldn't help... yet. ::

Voice 1: No.. too risky.  Besides.. that rock there?  As soon as the force field fails.. even for a moment.. that's going to fall perfectly without us doing anything.  :: His voice took on a note of concern:: In fact, let's just leave to the deeper levels now.. no sense in risking being caught.  And once we hear the collapse, we can move onto the next phase of the plan. 

Voice 2: :: Excited::  Finally!  We'll see some action.  And won't they be surprised when...

oO When what?!?  Oo

:: Luna tried to focus, but the pain from her head shifting was intense enough to send her back down into the black for a long moment.. ::

James: Really?  I let you leave for not even ten minutes, and you just lie down? 

:: Luna blearily opened her eyes, half expecting to see her wife standing there.  Instead... she remained alone. ::

Walker: Figment.. right.. :: She closed her eyes again:: g'night fiment.. just need a couple minutes...

James: Figment am I?   :: She paused for a moment:: Well maybe I am...  But that doesn't change things.. you need to move! 

Walker: You may have noticed the rock formation on my back.  I'm a miracle worker.. but even I can't move mountains.

James: What?  Is the mighty Luna Walker admitting she can't do something?  Giving up and allowing one of her engineers to die because of a pebble or two?

:: Her head really hurt.. but the words echoed in her head::

Walker: Wait. what? Pebbles? I'm not positive that there isn't light coming in from above..

James: Drama queen.  you know the first level of this mine wasn't more than a dozen feet below the surface.  This is the area that they'd bring inspectors down to prove safe conditions.  and since we can't see light.. that means that you have at most ten feet of rock on you.. likely much less. 

Walker: Yay me? 

:: Further proof that this Danni was a figment, despite not being able to see her.. she still knew that her eyes were rolling::

James: Wow.. you are pretty dim right now.  It means that if you can wriggle yourself free.. you can get loose.. and get to the force field controls.  Holding all of this up might be too much...

Walker: ... but reducing the area will keep it going longer.

:: The half romulan was likely concussed, and she didn't want to know what condition the rest of her body was in, though "thankfully" she was still receiving pains. so there wasn't loss of sensation.  But real or not, "Danni" had made her point.  Lying here was simply waiting for death.  It took longer than she wanted, but she managed to slowly work her arms free of the rubble without disturbing it.  And by stretching as much as she could... she was just short of the controls.  After a brief nap.. or passing out in reality.. she tried again.  Slowly pulling her body forward until she reached the controls.  Her celebration was cut short by the sound of rubble shifting behind her..and the white hot pain suddenly radiating from her lower leg. ::

Walker: Don't pass out. can't pass out.. don't.. pass out..

:: The world greyed around her, everything focusing down to the controls in her hands.  She kept chanting her mantra, unable to do anything more for awhile.. Finally, she managed to make the adjustments she needed.  More rubble fell in front of her, but the generator no longer drained as quickly. ::

Walker: Come on guys.. if there was ever a time to impress the boss....


Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker
Chief Engineer, USS Veritas

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