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LtJG Ishani Kasun & PNPC Private Gazkra - Awkward Meetings, Family Meetings Part 2

Arturo Maxwell

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(( Isanapura  - San Francisco District))

((Lunchtime - The day after the Columbia’s return))


:: Before Gazkra could respond, the waitress returned with her drink and set it before Gaz. Gazkra took a sip of her tea, wrinkling her face for a moment and then took another sip.::


Gazkra: Huh. Not bad.


Kasun: It it a bit different from what you’re used to.


::Gaz looked up, taking in the station around them. Stuff still wasn’t quite back to normal, whatever normal was. Not having someone nearly destroy the station?::


Gazkra: Still feels weird having all of us assigned here. Not that it’s bad, just-


Kasun: Almost like fate?


Gazkra: Yeah. Universe as big as it is and we all wind up here. Kind of like the place though. Bet a ship wouldn’t have much Klingon food either.


Kasun: It would probably depend on the ship. If they had a decently sized population of Klingon’s the cafeteria would probably provide decent Klingon food.


Gazkra: ::tapping her hand on the table.:: Wouldn’t know.


Kasun: I’m guessing. :: Shrug:: Ops has been my only posting so far.


Gazkra: Same. Wasn’t too surprised; they don’t stick Marines everywhere.


Kasun: My training was specifically tailored for a posting on a starbase or embassy, so I doubt I’ll ever be assigned to a ship unless I move up into command. :: Which she wasn’t certain she wanted to do at this point. Best to get the Crisis Response program firmly established first. ::


::Gaz took a swig from her tea. Wasn’t bad, might even have been growing on her.::


Gazkra: What sort of training was that? Not the usual security stuff then.


Kasun: No. Starfleet wanted to start up a new security department to handle crisis cases and felt my background made me a good fit for Crisis Response.


Gazkra: Huh. Haven’t heard much about crisis response. ::another swig:: Seems like they see enough of them here though


Kasun:  :: The corner of Ishani’s smile twitched but stayed upward. :: Indeed. Hence why the pilot unit was started here rather than another base.


Gazkra: Good to know we have you on it. Hope they won’t keep you too busy.


Kasun: :: Ishani laughed. :: Unfortunately I have faint hope for that. We now have a new group of ex slaves to rehabilitate so not busy isn’t going to happen any time soon.


::That was when the server came back, two bowls set atop the tray in her hand. Gaz leaned back in her chair, taking a look at the food. She hadn’t been quite sure what it’d be like, but this seemed...alright? Always felt weird seeing noodles instead of gagh though.


Ishani inhaled deeply, taking in the mouth watering aromas as the waitress placed two chinese soup spoons and sets of porcelain chopsticks next to their bowls. This particular curry was quite soupy and used khanom chin rice noodles rather than rice. ::


Gazkra: That smells good. So uhh...any trick to eating it?


Kasun: :: Picking her own chopsticks. :: Have you ever used chopsticks before?


::Gazkra stared at the sticks...weapons? They weren’t familiar.::


Gazkra: No. What are chopsticks?


Kasun: We can get you a fork then.


:: She looked at the waitress questioningly who nodded in acknowledgement. ::


Waitress: That will be no problem.


Gazkra: Can’t use my hands?


:: Both Ishani and the waitress blanched at the suggestion. ::


Kasun: That’s not a good idea with this dish.


Waitress: Yes, it’s far too spicy. I will be right back with your fork.


:: If their was a hint of ‘and it’s bad table manners in their tone it was because there was’. While some Thai and Laos dishes could be and were eaten using only your hands, noodle dishes, especially spicy, soupy noodle dishes, were not one of them. ::


Gazkra: ::eyeing her meal uncertainly:: That mean drinking it from the bowl’s out too?


Kasun: I would try a little bit of the broth first before you make your decision. :: She scooped up a little bit up with her own spoon and sipped in demonstration. The wonderful burn of the red savina peppers mixed wonderfully with the rest of the curry paste’s spices and coconut milk, leaving her mouth both watering in delight and to dilute the peppers’ capsaicin. ::


Gazkra: ::Gaz picked up the spoon, holding it awkwardly before scooping up a bit of the broth and taking a sip.:: Not bad. Most of the human food I’ve tried is kind of bland.


Kasun: It was named Volcano curry for a reason. :: She grabbed a clump of noodles with her chopsticks and slurped them up. ::


Gazkra: ::she gulped down some noodles, then swallowed.:: Is good.


Kasun: I’m glad you like them. :: She smiled and picked up a bit of pepper and duck and popped them in her mouth. ::


::Having taken too big of a bite, Gaz paused a bit til she’d swallowed again.::


Gazkra: Yeah, drinking it would have been a bad idea.


Kasun: :: Laughing :: Indeed. You don’t need to show off how tough you are for me.


Gazkra: ::grinning:: You’re not a Marine, I don’t have to play tough.


Kasun: ::Teasingly:: Oh? Perhaps I should let Kro know that you only play tough around the Marines?


::Gaz froze at that, spoon held halfway between the bowl and her mouth.::


Gazkra: Hey, don’t tell Kro I said that!


Kasun: :: Smiling:: Fine, fine. I won’t tell Kro.


Gazkra: ::she relaxed a little before setting her spoon down:: So, there any other siblings I should know about?


Kasun: Well, you’re the third one I’ve ever met so I don’t have a whole lot to say.


Gazkra: Third? That’s...a lot.


Kasun: Well there’s Taelon of course. I assume Mirra told you about him too?


::Gaz just nodded, her mouth a bit too full of curry to speak.::


Kasun: Yes well he’s very... :: she paused trying to find the right words :: young and uncertain in himself.


Gazkra: Isn’t he like...twenty years older than me?


::She took another bite of curry. Wasn’t like she’d talked to the Science nerd much.::


Kasun: He’s full El Aurian, so unlike you he’s not a full adult biologically or culturally despite his chronological age.


Gazkra: Oh. Huh.


:: Didn’t seem like the moment to ask if that meant she’d age weird. Plus, more curry.::


Kasun: Jian Kuan Yuen is the other one. He’s a Federal Security Investigator so you might end up meeting him sometime through work.


Gazkra: ::setting down her spoon.:: That how you met him?


Kasun: No. Our first meeting was rather... awkward. :: And she really didn’t want to get into why. :: His job keeps him busy so we mostly only talk occasionally. I imagine he’d be interested in meeting you, he’s been wanting to come out to meet Taelon at some point so having you both here will probably be more encouragement.


Gazkra: I’d like that. Still trying to figure out all of this.


Kasun: He’d be able to tell you more actually. Jian’s made contact with several of our siblings over the years since we’d first met.


Gazkra: ::she paused, looking off into the distance before glancing back to Ishani.:: That’d be nice. I think.


Kasun: I can certainly message him and ask if he has time to talk to you and then let you know what he says.


::Gaz slid her chair back from the table, realizing the time.::


Gazkra: I should probably get back to work. They’ve been keeping us busy cleaning up after Captain Hair Gel.


:: Ishani watched as Gaz pushed back from the table, smirking at the nickname for their not so dearly departed ex CO. ::


Kasun: Understandable. :: She sighed. :: The marines aren’t the only ones stuck with cleaning up his mess.


::Gaz nodded. Seemed like half the station was playing clean-up. Or trying to fix the transporters.::


Gazkra: And, uh, thanks for the info.


Kasun: :: Ishani smiled at Gaz. :: You’re welcome.




Lieutenant JG Ishani Kasun MD, PhD

Crisis Response Unit

Starbase 118 Ops





PNPC Gazkra

Starbase 118 Marine


~Written by~


Lieutenant Aitas

Chief Intelligence Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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