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LtJG Ishani Kasun & PNPC Private Gazkra - Awkward Meetings, Family Meetings Part 1

Arturo Maxwell

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(( Isanapura  - San Francisco District))

((Lunchtime - The day after the Columbia’s return))


:: It was a time of families it seemed. Her father and Maxwell’s father were visiting, Aitas had been reunited with her father after far, far too long, and she and Taelon had another sibling on the station that none of them knew they were related to each other, even her father.


Gazkra had contacted her less than an hour before she she had been due at their ex-Captain’s first briefing and, given the subject matter, Ishani had to unfortunately beg off meeting her immediately much to, she hopped, both their disappointments. At the very least she had been able to point the girl at their father in the meantime. Hopefully that had gone well.


Ishani sipped on her Thai iced tea while she waited for her newly discovered sister to appear. She had chosen Isanapura mostly out of a lack of options, she wasn’t the biggest fan of Klingon food and Ishani doubted her usual go to lunch options of soup and salad would be enjoyable for the half Klingon.::


::Gazkra stepped into the restaurant a bit nervously; wrinkling her nose up at the sight of all of it. Her visit with Jakarn hadn’t gone badly, but it also hadn’t provided much information on her siblings.


And with the mess around the Orion dreadnaught, she’d not exactly had a chance to ask Kro either.


So she strode up to the table, her posture as stiff as if she were wearing her dress uniform. Maybe a little stiffer.::


Gazkra: Kasun?


Kasun: :: Standing up :: It’s good to finally meet you. :: She gave the girl what she hoped was a reassuring smile. ::


::Gaz just stood there for a moment before she remembered to smile. It might have been a little bit toothy, but it was at least a smile.::


Gazkra: Uhh...thanks. Jakarn-Dad didn’t tell me much. ::She sat down, still a bit stiff.::


Kasun: :: She gave a loud sigh and sunk back into her chair. :: Yeah he wouldn’t. I usually have to pry things out of him.


Gazkra: He did say my mom pulled him from a...trash bin? Didn’t get far before Major Tatash wanted to talk to him.


Kasun: :: She let out a laugh. :: Really? Seems to be a theme then.


Gazkra: He seemed to think he might be arrested. Don’t know why.


Kasun: :: Smiling:: Mom caught Dad trying to get into an area in the docks that civilians weren’t allowed into.


Gazkra: ::Gaz let out a sharp laugh at that:: Sounds like he does that sort of thing a lot.


Kasun: It does seem to be his thing.


::Gazkra paused, looking at the place around them.::


Gazkra: Ummm...any recommendations on food? And he didn’t get arrested. I think.


Kasun: Oh I doubt it. :: smirking. ::  I would have heard about it if he had. And I would recommend the larb khua mu or any of the curries are good if you like your food spicy. :: Which Ishani definitely did. ::


Gazkra: Can’t say I’m going to turn down a challenge. ::a shrug, as she gave Ishani a curious look.:: Didn’t take you as that type, to be honest.


Kasun: I love spicy food, I always have. I’m getting their extra spicy red curry that they make with red savina habaneros. :: Her mouth was watering just thinking about it. ::


Gazkra: Huh. Kro didn’t mention that. Don’t think I’ve ever had a habanero though.


::It sounded like some sort of small animal, right? Angry one? Maybe.::


Kasun: I doubt it would have come up given the circumstances.  :: Ishani’s smile widened at the mention of her boyfriend. :: And you’d remember if you have, they're not the hottest chili pepper out there but they among the hottest of the popular chilies.


::Gaz nodded, pretending that she knew what a pepper was. Or a chili pepper. Some human thing, probably?::


Kasun: Is Kro the only one to tell you non mission or training related information?


::That prompted a grin. Gazkra might not have been the most subtle sort, but she could still manage a few things.::


Gazkra: Other Marines do tell me things. Sometimes have to beat them at arm-wrestling first though.


Kasun: Oh? Is that because you like arm wrestling or because the marines have a habit of withholding information. :: Ishani suspected it was the former over the latter::


Gazkra: Hey, Kro started the arm wrestling. ::grinning:: Challenged a group of Klingons to it and then made me stand in for him.


Kasun: ::laughing: Really? Doesn’t sound like him.


Gazkra: Wasn’t about to let him forget it.


Kasun: I doubt he would.


::Gazkra  looked down to the menu again. It all looked...confusing. Worse things than spicy though.::


Gazkra: Guess I’ll try whatever you’re having. Can’t be backing down on that.


Kasun: ::Laughs :: You might regret that later then.


:: Ishani waived to catch the attention of one of the waiters, a young human woman, to come over and take their order. ::


Waitress: Are you ready to order?


Kasun: Yes, I’d like the Volcano Red Curry with duck.


:: After the waitress recorded Ishani’s order she turned to Gazkra expectantly. ::


Gazkra: Same for me.


::She had to admit, volcano sounded tough. But no point backing up now. Backing out? Gaz looked over to her sister (sister felt weird) with a grin.::


Waitress: And anything to drink?


::The grin faded.::


Gazkra: I...uh...


Kasun: The Thai iced tea is good. :: She held up her drink as an illustration. ::


Gazkra: ::relieved:: Yeah, that.


:: After the waitress left with their orders Ishani took another sip of her tea before speaking. ::


Kasun: So why did you chose Starfleet over the Klingon forces if you don’t mind me asking?


Gazkra: Wanted to see the galaxy, I guess. Met a few Marines when I was younger and all that. ::shrugging:: Didn’t seem too odd at the time, I guess.


Kasun: You aren’t the only half Klingon I’ve met. Most of them tended to prefer joining the Klingon Defense Force if they decide to pursue a military career over Starfleet. :: She purposefully left out that most of those Klingon hybrids had been her patients. ::


Gazkra: Huh. ::she rubbed a hand across her ridged forehead:: Seems like I saw plenty of Klingon space already. Mom’s work took us lots of places.


Kasun: Oh? What did she do?


Gazkra: Cargo ship. Mostly gagh these days since they got the refrigeration updated.


Kasun: Sounds like she’s quite successful.


::Gaz set her hands down on the table and leaned forward.::


Gazkra: So, why’d you join up?


Kasun: ::Ishani raised an eyebrow at Gazkra’s aggressive body language. :: I wanted a change from what I’d been doing. .


::Gaz leaned back a little, her expression curious.::


Gazkra: What you’d been doing?


Kasun: I’d been a psychiatrist for 60 years and I was getting bored with it all so I wanted to do something different.


Gazkra: Long-[...] time, that. Why Starfleet, though? That’s a whole lot of excitement.


Kasun: :: Shrug:: My mother had been in Starfleet her entire life and I’d grown up surrounded by Starfleet so I knew what I was getting into as far as the lifestyle.


Gazkra: ::she nodded, tapping one hand on the table as she did so.:: Smart. Bet you had plenty of options, though.


Kasun: :: The corner of her lip quirked upward. :: It was far more attractive than going back to college for another degree or becoming a professor.




Lieutenant JG Ishani Kasun MD, PhD

Crisis Response Unit

Starbase 118 Ops





PNPC Gazkra

Starbase 118 Marine


~Written by~


Lieutenant Aitas

Chief Intelligence Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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