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Ambassador Della Vetri - Taking Time for a Good Start

Oddas Aria

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((Embassy, Kainga Ranch))

T’Lea:  So what exactly happened?  Was the reassignment voluntary, or because of that.

:: Her gesture at the cane conveyed a lot of meaning, and Della’s first answer was an ambivalent shrug – though she followed up with more right away.::

Vetri: I’m beached from command duties until I’m back up to spec physically. Because of that, I’d lost the Tiger at least for a while. Since that was the case, I threw a temper tantrum or two until they decided to give me my old job here back. I believe the reasoning was “since you’ve not managed to start any wars out there, we’ll send you back before you manage it *here* instead”.

T’Lea: T’Lea:   How’s rehab?  You’re making good progress, right?  How long do you think it will be before you get back out there?

Vetri: Lilyali, nobody can guess how long, if ever, it’s going to take before I’m fixed. You may be able to think of a reason I’d stay away from here if I had the chance to come back, but I’ll bet a shower with the babysitter you can’t name a second.

:: Though given the nature of the babysitter/bodyguard/malodorous piece of mobile scenery in question, she doubted T’Lea would be all that eager to take her up on the wager.::

T’Lea:  ::chuckle::  Frak that.

:: She paused, stopping walking for a moment.::

T’Lea:  You have to be [...]ed leaving your ship behind like this.  You worked hard to get that seat, Della.

Vetri: ::shrugging:: Yeah, I enjoyed the work. But I enjoyed working here, too, and this way, I get to be with you.

:: Which may not have been the most sappily romantic thing she could have said, but then she didn’t *need* to say it. The emotions the Romu-vulc would be able to feel over their bond did that for her.::

Vetri: Are “Qoots” meant to be able to dig under the walls of their enclosure? I’m just asking because one seems to be trying it to get at our daughter’s feet.

T’Lea:  Hey!  Get back in there you little jerk!

:: An outburst which, predictably enough, was ignored by the critter and sent T’Sara off into gales of laughter. The rest of the tour was a bit delayed until all that got sorted out, but that was fine with Della – she was hardly going to complain about getting *more* time with her family, after all...::

:: Even if her hip did ache really rather a lot by the time they returned to the cabin and unpacked the remainder of T’Sara’s assorted birthday loot.::

((Fast Forward, Porch))

:: T’Sara had staked her claim to the couch by a very simple method – she’d flopped face-down on it and started snoring, the energy boost of the treats she’d gorged on departing in a rush that had left her basically dead to the world.::

:: For her parents, this was actually a good thing, since the girl had done her level best to run them totally ragged before conking out, and now Della and T’Lea were relaxing on the porch swing, the Romu-vulc with a blanket around her shoulders, the Trill laid out with her feet resting in her wife’s lap.::

:: All in all, not a bad evening at all, especially since T’Lea had made no effort – apart from claiming the right to deliver a foot-rub – to dispute the Trill’s territorial claim to the swing.::

T’Lea:  This is going to sound selfish, but… I don’t care how or why you’re back.  I’m just glad you are. 

Vetri: ::smiling softly:: You’re not the only one, lilyali. I’m pretty much right there with you.

T’Lea:  If it looks like your leg is getting well enough to sit in the Captain’s seat again, I’m of good mind to break your other one.

:: Della opened her mouth to reply, then closed it, then shook her head with a wry chuckle.::

Vetri: A little excessive, don’t you think?

T’Lea:  What can I say, you married a evil [...].

Vetri: ::muttering:: Don’t I know it...

:: The pair settled into companionable silence for a while, only the quiet creaking of the swing competing with Til’ahn’s evening soundtrack, and Della let herself simply wallow in the moment. She’d *missed* this, and had difficulty remembering why she’d thought it had been a good idea to leave it in the first place.::

:: The feel of a thumb running across the arch of her foot had one Trill eye opening and aiming itself T’Lea’s way. At which point it’s owner was in no way surprised to see the smirk on the other woman’s face.::

T’Lea:  Did you hear?  Toni’s pregnant.  Again.

Vetri: Oh? No, that one was news to me. ::falling silent for a moment:: Is Tyr on any sort of special vitamins or something?

T’Lea:  Frelling humans.  They’re worse than tribbles.  Although… I wouldn’t mind getting you pregnant at some point.

:: That comment didn’t so much as come from left field as from an entirely different sport altogether, catching Della totally off-guard. Reduced to little more than confused blinking as she tried to process what she’d just heard, it took the Trill far too long to form a response that was even close to coherent.::

Vetri: Huh?
T’Lea: Hey, I carried the last one.  Your turn.

Vetri: Yeah, I get that, but... huh?

T’Lea:  Seriously though, I’m ready when you are…

:: She left it hanging, starting a slow massage of Della’s other foot, and the Trill got to work trying to wrap her head around the concept.::

:: She wasn’t *against* it, certainly. She’d just never really *thought* about it all that seriously. Especially since it would require some rather involved – and thoroughly unromantic – activity to make it happen. There was no Mr. One to take care of the logistics this time.::

:: Which reminded her, she still owed that creep a very thorough fonging...::

T’Lea:  Oh, uh… probably not good a time to bring this up, however…

Vetri: Please.

:: She waved a hand for T’Lea to continue, glad for the distraction.::

T’Lea:  T’Sara’s imaginary friend, Uncle Mo… she’s been using him as an excuse to dismantle and build things like gravity slingshots.   We finally had a talk about Mo.

:: Okay, this was *definitely* worth paying attention to, and Della sat up a bit as she listened.::

Vetri: Anything useful?

T’Lea:  Not much.  He seems to show up mostly when I’m on mission.  Funny thing though… she said I've met Mo before.  Weird right?

Vetri: ::frowning thoughtfully:: A bit, yeah. But it could simply be due to the fact that neither of us were here at that sort of time.

T’Lea:  Probably.  At least it’s out in the open now and we can talk about it.  Maybe since you’re back she won’t feel the need to fill the void.

Vetri: ::nodding firmly:: That’s the plan, certainly.

:: A creak from the door had them both looking that way, and they watched as T’Sara, resplendent in PJs and sparkly pink riding boots, emerged onto the porch, rubbing her eyes as she came.::

T’Sara:  Oh.  Phew.  I thoughted you leaved me without saying g’bye.

Vetri: I’m not leaving at all, nugglet. Though I am getting up.

:: She shot a glance to T’Lea, followed by a nod of thanks as her feet were released, then carefully got herself to her feet and snagged her cane.::

Vetri: I have a confession to make, though. I forgot where your bedroom is. Mind showing me?

:: The little girl thought it over for a moment, then shrugged.::

T’Sara: ‘Kay.

Vetri: ::to T’Lea:: ~~ And if anyone interrupts me tucking my daughter in, they’d best be wearing body armour. ~~

((Morning, Kitchen))

:: A luxurious lie-in, a long, sumptuous breakfast, some more time spent puttering about the ranch to get good and familiar with it, chasing Ceedel off from the garden before he killed it with his proximity... all had been ingredients to a great first morning back on Til’ahn.::

:: Okay, she could have lived without the last one, but overall the effect was the same.::

:: Now, though, she was back on the porch swing, sipping at some coffee and watching T’Sara attempt to build the present Gina had sent the plans and replicator patterns for, whilst T’Lea muttered to herself as she looked over whatever it was on the padd she was holding.::

Turner: =/\= I hated to bother you two during shore leave, but I'd like to meet with you both on the Thor in about an hour? We could have lunch in the Captain's Mess if you're up to it. =/\=

:: With a mouth full of coffee, Della wasn’t exactly in the best position to respond to the call, which meant it was down to T’Lea to do it.::

T'Lea: =/\= No bother.  I’m looking forward to it. =/\=

Vetri: ::swallowing quickly:: =/\= We may as well get the “showing off her new toy” thing out of the way, I guess. Uh... is this invite *just* for T’Lea and myself? =/\=

:: The implication being that she would prefer that it wasn’t.::

Turner: ::smiling:: =/\=  Of course, T'Sara can come. Knowing her, she'll be more excited to see the ship than you are. =/\=

:: Which was true enough. The general call that went out shortly afterward was noted as well, but was of less interest to Della than wondering where her cane had gone.::

T’Lea: You feeling up for another walk about?

Vetri: Hey, if she wants to give us a tour, I’m not going to complain. Especially if there’s free food too.

T’Lea: Then get your lazy [...] up, and let’s get ready.

Ambassador Della Vetri
Diplomatic Officer
Embassy of Duronis II
Author ID: O238506DV0

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