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Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo - Explosive Ideas

Sal Taybrim

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((Mines - Level 3 - Dominicus VI))

::Of all of the places Mirra excepted they would find their missing crew...barreling down a rickety track in a glorified metal coffin was not one of them. But, beggars couldn't necessarily be choosers, so they were running after them, albeit a bit foolishly. Zel and Max had physics and a cart, while they had...increasingly fatigued muscles and a dangerous lack of patience. It was going to be a long day.:: 

Ezo: ::shouting while running:: Where do these tracks lead?! And who's brilliant idea was it to skip adding brakes?!?

Kasun:  :: Also shouting while :: Do you really think a criminal operation that relies on slave labor cares about that? It’s not like the follow OSHA or anything.

Janul: I would recommend our efforts are focused on your friends.

Ezo: ::grimacing:: Right. Rescue them, then yell about the poor planning...

Kasun: ::amused:: I’m sure the Orion’s will want to hear all about it.

Ezo: ::smirking:: Horribly unsafe working conditions, would not be enslaved here again. Zero out of ten. 

Janul: Light hearted comments are not helping the situation.

Kasun: It’s called bonding.

Ezo: ::scoffing:: Would you prefer we stay quiet? oO You clearly don't know me very well...Oo

Janul: ::Grunts:: A poor imitation of R’usstai.

Kasun: Well that’s Klingon bonding. Starbase 118 bonding is different.

Ezo: ::grinning:: It usually involves copious amounts of drinking. Or nearly dying. Or more accurately, surviving and then the heavy drinking. 

::And if they all made it out of here alive, she bet she could get Janul to get drunk enough to be her partner in Klingon cage match wrestling. Tatash was apparently disqualified because of "unnatural enhancement". That prosthetic arm was already striking fear into the hearts of his would-be challengers. Her thoughts left the realm of the absolutely ridiculous, and slid back firmly into the task at hand when they all halted in front of a veritable maze of tunnels. None of which seemed to contain an errant mine cart. She began chewing her bottom lip worriedly.:: 

Kasun: Any ideas?

Janul: Three of us. And I count eleven other routes. ::He growled in frustration, slamming the butt of weapon into the ground.::

::Pacing while she thought, Mirra ended up wandering along the nearest track, straining to see any sign of...well...something other than the inky black of the tunnel ahead. She couldn't see anything. They could be dead ends and they just didn't have time to circumvent them all. Wait, that sound...it was familiar, the high pitched squeal of metal grinding, but where was it coming from? 
Leaning closer towards the center of the track, the beginning Whoosh of air was the only forewarning she had to prevent becoming a gruesome hood ornament on the out of control cart. She threw herself away from the track, landing with a sound thud on the uneven ground beside the tracks. She stayed down, frozen in a half crouch/half heap, hair blown about her face and bits of the broken gravel digging into her palms.:: 
Kasun: Are you okay?

Janul: You are intact, Doctor?
::Grumbling angrily, she managed to get to her feet, brushing the stray bits of rock off her knees and hands.::

Ezo: ::moving he hair from her face, she answered on a growl:: Oh those two better live through this, because I'm going to kill them for that! 

Kasun: :: Ishani smiled, a sassy Mirra meant she couldn’t be hurt too badly. :: They went off into that other tunnel. :: She pointed in the direction the cart had gone. ::

Janul: Then we must follow. And quickly.

Ezo: ::muttering:: Hopefully they don't loop back around for another attempt on taking me down...

Kasun: If they recognize us then hopefully they’ll make another pass and slow down next time.

Ezo: Providing they have any control over the cart. Remember that whole lack of brakes thing? 

::Once again, the screeching sound of metal filled the air as a second cart, loaded with angry looking guards came rushing past. Near plastered against the wall, once again avoiding "Death by mine cart" appearing as a final entry in her medical records, Mirra stared wide eyed, blinking a few times in confusion...::

Kasun: You know when we tell this story later no one’s going to believe us, right?

Ezo: I...am not quite sure I believe it and I just saw it happen....

Janul: Were I to report such things myself, I would be declared to have the mind of a simpleton.
::He wasn't wrong. This was shaping up to be a "You...had to be there" type of stories. They had run into some rather unexplained things before, like weaponized tribbles, but even this seemed less plausible.:: 

Kasun: :: Once again running in the direction of their companions and their mine cart. ::  It does feel almost out of a holoprogram Dad would write.

Ezo: ::snorting, beginning to run again:: If we make it out of here alive, ask for writing credit when you give him the idea...

::Once again, in far too short of a time, the three were running after a mine cart full of escaped crewmates, but this time they had the added fun of a cartfull of angry Orions with more weapons then they currently had. There was no way this day was getting any weirder. At least this time, they had a direct route.::
Whittaker: =/\= Whittaker to Ezo. =/\=
::Well, Theo and Aitas were still safe. She hit the hidden comm while frantically trying to keep pace with the two others. Once again, she was reminded how she really needed to build up some better endurance. Who knew being a doctor required such a surprising amount of running?::
Ezo: ::slightly winded:: =/\= Ezo here, go ahead sir =/\=
Whittaker: =/\= I don't suppose you've seen Ensign Zel have you travelling at high speed? =/\=
::Now that was unexpected. How did he know where Zel was? And his unconventional mode of transport...? oO Oooh right. Aitas. Oo She must have worked her intel magic::
Ezo: ::grimacing:: =/\= You mean the lunatic pilot and his equally crazy co-pilot that we've been chasing after like blind rats through a death trap maze?? Yeah. Got a great look at him and Max. Zel somehow commandeered a mine cart...that he's attempting to steer...=/\=
Whittaker: :: with a sigh. :: =/\= Of course he is. Keep me informed. Whittaker out. =/\= 
::The commline cut out, and the running didn't seem to be slowing. Except, once again, because this place truly was a death maze from hell, they were faced with a crossroads.::
Ezo: ::skidding to a stop:: Which way?? 
Kasun/Janul: Response?
Ezo: I didn't see, I fell behind when the Comm call came in. ::pointing:: That one looks like it goes up, but up to where? 
Kasun/Janul: Response?
::It was intensely hot, and each breath in made her winded lungs protest as if she were inhaling cotton. Staying clear of the tracks this time, she ran ahead and squinted through the dim haze. A Flash. An extremely far off one, but was there, if only for a moment. 
Ezo: ::raising an eyebrow:: Was that...phaser fire...? ::eye widening:: The guard cart!! 
Kasun/Janul: Response?
Ezo: ::nodding quickly:: Right, this way! 
Damarkus: =/\=Starfleet, I know you're here.  In anticipation of this I have gathered every slave at gunpoint.  For every minute you remain in my mines I will slaughter one slave.  For every step you advance towards me, I will slaughter one slave.  Get out now, or you will die with the blood of countless "innocents" on your hands.=/\=
::Once again, she skidded to a halt, but this time it was to hear the last bits of the faint, clearly hostile threat. Her jaw clenched so tight her molars ground together in protest.::
Ezo: ::through clenched teeth:: They know we're here. Our timeline just shortened significantly. What weapons do we have? We'll hit the guards before we find Zel and Max... 
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