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2017 Awards Ceremony – Duty Post awards


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I am very pleased to see so many members of my crew win their respective awards. 

@Irina Pavlovais a great simmer, simming often and well, providing a great foil for the characters she is playing with.  As a security officer she writes with bravery putting her crew ahead of herself.  Taking on three Borg drones, as she recently did, to rescue a certain Chief Engineer, is just par for the course for her and everyone benefits from her dedication, from Captains to Admirals and Ensigns who find themselves in trouble.

I feel I came to the Embassy around the same time as @Savanso I always feel like we have a bit of kindred spirits, both as writers and characters.  I am constantly impressed by how he can spin a story, and new characters complete with backgrounds and personality.  This ability bleeds over into his portrayal as a Tactical officer, especially on the Embassy which is not an easy place to be in charge of tactical.  During an invasion I watched him coordinate tactical resources with ease, bringing several very difficult to coordinate factions together.

To say my character Aria and @Hannibal Parker are working on their relationship during and after the latest mission is probably accurate, but nominating him for the Semper Fidelis Award was a no brainer.  In addition to what I wrote in the nomination, Hannibal takes great care to play what a Marine should be and when I write for a couple of NPC Marines I often find myself asking "would this fit in with Hannibal's squad?".  From the moment I arrived at the Embassy (and he disarmed a bomb, saving my character's life) to last mission where he was leading mission to save members of the diplomatic core, Hannibal is consistently performing the duties of a Marine above and beyond.

Good work everyone.

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First, I would like to congratulate everyone on their awards. Writing for a character is tough, but each of us, the nominated and the winners, have done one heck of a job.

To Oddas: Hannibal is one of those guys to have to make your bones with, and the last mission (which dropped you in the grease but you made one fine showing) will go a long ways towards that.

To Sal Taybrim: Thank you for the kind words! I love being in the chat room, where I can enjoy the company of my fellow simmers from around the fleet.

To My comrades at the Embassy: Thank you for being such good writers and giving me so much to work with. This award I gladly share with you all, because without you, it would not have been possible.

To Admiral Turner: This cannot be said often enough. She allowed Hannibal to be Hannibal, and give him the room to grow and become what he is today, and shape what he will be in the future. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!!!!


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