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PNPC Garth Turner-West: His Lady in Distress

Oddas Aria

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Ryland: Now we build walls so bad people can't get in...

T’Sara:  Gigantics walls wiff electrific spikey wires, n’a moat wiff dragons protektin us.

:: She was grinning big and wide as she started to hack out the big lizard protector in the sand.  Of course it would look nothing like what she imagined, but it would be perfect in her eyes.::

Garth: Dats gonna looks good, T'Sara.

T’Sara: I needs more sands.  Be back!

:: She grabbed her pail and dashed to the freshly wet sand.  Once her bucket was full she hauled it rather effortlessly considering her size and the weight.  It was clear she’d inherited *some* Vulcan strength.::

::While the others worked on the fort, Garth paid attention to Naloor and Mirana's conversation.::

Naloor: Wonder what those boats are doing?

:: Garth and T’Sara paused to glance out at what they were talking about.  The boats were doing what boats did.  Floated.::

Mirana: I'm sure they are just sticking close by to the marina just north of here up the coast. Perhaps they are fishing or just decided to enjoy this beautiful day on the water.

Naloor: Well, they are certainly not fishing...do you see any nets?

Mirana: I do not

::  T’Sara’s blue eyes flashed at Naloor and she could see that the woman’s aura had a disturbed flare of color to it.  The little girl’s lips pursed, not liking it one little bit.  This was their fun time.::

Naloor: If they were just passing by, you would think they would be making a bit more way that what they are...they look suspicious. Maybe I had better contact the Marines to keep an eye on them...
Mirana: Are you feeling okay, Naloor? ::She brought her hand down from her face as she turned to the nanny.:: It's really quite common for Laudeans to set sail and enjoy each other's company in the solitude of the ocean. I'm sure it's okay.

:: T’Sara poked Mirana’s leg and dropped her bucket.::

T’Sara:  You say you okay, but you don’t look okay.  I been to fieldy class n’ your colors is fuzzy like you need a time-out. 

Mirana: I'm fine T'Sara, I think Naloor might just have had too much sun.

T’Sara:  Den maybe you should take a nap.  I have to tinkle.

Mirana: I'm sure she just needs a little water. ::She handed the canteen to Naloor with a compassionate smile.:: Here. What is tinkle?

T’Sara:  It not nice to tinkle in the ocean.  Fisheys live dare.  Would it be nice if I tinkled in your house?

:: The little girl glanced at Garth with a frowny face so he would know she was getting upset about something.  It wasn’t about a potty-break.  She was trained enough now to see the colors of a liar, and she was about to get really annoying to the woman for it.::

Mirana: I see… Yes I suppose that would be very rude.

T’Sara:  I’s a lady.  I tinkle on a proper potty.

Mirana: There is a restroom just there, T'Sara.

T’Sara:  I wants to go home and tinkle there.  Public potties is icky.

Mirana: We really should all stay together…


::With T'Sara's brat mode engaged, Garth felt it was time for him to step in. ::

Garth: She needs to go potty, ifen you wonts let hers go lone, I kin go wif her. 

Mirana: With everything going on today it would be best for us all to stay together, no one should be off on their own…

Garth: SHE GOTTA PEE. AND IT NOT NICE FOR HER TO GOES IN FRONTS OF BOYS! BUT I KIN TURN MY BACKS TO HER AND SHOW HER SOME RESPECTS. ::Taking a hold of T'Sara's hand, speaking gently:: Comes on, T'Sara. I goes wif ya. 

Mirana: Well, ::Turning to Naloor with an uncomfortable smile.:: I suppose that is that. They really shouldn't be traveling alone.

Garth: ::pulling T'Sara with him, he began to run from her.:: YA A MEAN OLE WOMAN, MIRANA! I'M GONNA TELL ON YOU!

PNPC Garth Turner-West
Simmed by
Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
Author ID number: E238209TT0

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