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USS Gorkon investigates scientific curiosity

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EUTRA SYSTEM — The USS Gorkon is investigating the unexplored Leutra system, home to a powerful magnetar and an M-class planet that mysteriously survives in its orbit.

The crew of the Gorkon bade a fond farewell to the resort planet Risa as once again duty called, this time in the form of a mysterious power signature from an unexplored solar system.

The Leutra system is something of an enigma. The primary star is a magnetar, a type of neutron star with extremely high levels of electromagnetic radiation. With no indication the system has been visited by any species, all logic says that the fourth planet should not be the source of any power signatures, let alone bear life.

“Magentars are neutron stars so powerful that they then can deform atoms,” Ensign Valesha Sienelis explained, “not to mention the lethal radiation they emit. They’re tiny, incredibly hot and incredibly dense. All of that combined should be completely hostile to life in the system. Leutra IV should be an irradiated rock, not a temperate M-class planet.”

However, the Gorkon crew found a planet lush with both plant and animal life. Further scans showed the power sources are on one of the planet’s northern continents, forming an equilateral triangle with sides approximately fifty kilometers long. In an effort to uncover the truth behind the mystery, the Gorkon’s crew sent three teams to investigate each of the power signatures.

Fleet Captain Reynolds led a team of Lieutenant Jayla Soyinka, Lieutenant JG Jocelyn Marshall, and Ensign Connan MacMorna to investigate the signature in a forested lakeside location, while Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo took her team of Lieutenant Commander Alerta Millis and Ensigns Tasha MacFarlane and Shrega sh’Idrani to the foothills of a mountain range. Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant JG Frank O’Malley, and Ensign Colleen Bancroft beamed down to the far northern power signature, high in the mountains.

All seemed to be strangely mundane until an unexpected and powerful solar storm knocked out all equipment, sending the three teams scrambling for cover. Reynolds’ and Vess’ teams were able to take shelter in nearby caves, but Sevo’s team were left with only one option: dig in. They scrambled to dig holes deep enough to shelter them, but it seemed unlikely that the soil would provide enough protection against the potent flare. Despite their exposure, it was with some surprise that they found themselves alive and seemingly unharmed, with the team deducing that the planet is protected by a massive force field of unknown origin.

Meanwhile, in orbit, Lieutenant Caedan Nkai was left in command when the storm struck the ship, disabling every system except the critical antimatter containment systems. The remaining crew must now rally to repair the ship before its orbit decays while their crewmates on the planet struggle to survive.

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