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Lieutenant Taelon - Next You'll Tell Me They're Radioactive


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((Science Department - Deck 506 - Starbase 118))
((Morning after Bomba’s Arrival))
::Taelon jogged back up the hall to his office, lip bitten. The days since the briefing hadn’t been good ones, and now that Bomba had arrived, things were...well, they hadn’t unraveled yet, but it felt like everyone was waiting for the pin to drop. Taelon tried to stay focused on his task - unraveling the virus that had all but disabled the station. After a sleepless night, he had the answer. Or so he hoped.
He crossed to his desk, reaching for the PADD he needed. It was only when he went to pick it up and movement skittered that he saw the spider sitting on top of it.
It was fist-sized, a neon blue and yellow, and very hairy. Taelon squeaked and flicked the PADD, sending the spider tumbling to the deck, where it scrambled away towards….more. There were two others on his desk, one halfway into his empty coffee cup and another inspecting what was left of a piece of chicken. He stared, backing away, and looked up -
Seconds later he burst back into the hallway, fist hitting the wall communicator so hard the ‘thunk’ was picked up on the microphone.::
Taelon: PEPPER!
::It wasn’t an angry yell, not exactly. More of a shriek, really. He didn’t have to say anything else - the distant thrum of conversation from the atrium paused, and took on a slightly shriller quality. They all knew what that name being yelled like that meant. People would be checking under their desks and inside drawers for days.
Taelon’s breath was slowing when the befreckled Ensign finally approached. He stared at her with slightly wild eyes.::
Taelon: Your, your queen thing is in my air vent. Along with - with - lots of other ones. Everywhere. 
O’Grady: They’re looking for a nesting place. ::she said brightly.:: Their habitat wasn’t large enough, so they must have thought the air ducts would be more suitable ::she covered her mouth and giggled.:: Silly things, finding such places more hospitable. ::giddily.:: But finally! ::she clapped her hands together.:: We’ve been waiting weeks for this!
Taelon: That’s...wonderful, Pepper. ::He restrained a tired sigh.:: Unfortunately my office isn’t - isn’t the best place for a nursery of...of things.
O’Grady: The spiders?
Taelon: Spiders, right. I - I have a lot of things to do right now - ::He waved the PADD he’d grabbed, realizing as he raised it it has blue spider hair on it:: A-and I need my office more than they do. 
O’Grady: Do you need it right away? ::she pressed with a hopeful smile.:: Just another day at most -
::Taelon ran a hand over his face, not noticing the man bouncing down the hallway towards them.::
Taelon: I, they need to go, okay? B-back to the lab. And stay there. I’ve got to get this to the  Captain - I’ll find someone to help you -
::It was then he saw Bomba over Pepper’s shoulder, and the face meant nothing. He was young and looked enthusiastic; Taelon made a snap judgement, rubbing the spider hair off the PADD.::
Taelon: Um, Ensign - ::He raised a hand to stop Bomba.:: Help O’Grady do...whatever it is she does, will you? I have to take this to the Captain.
O’Grady: I’ll be right back -

Bomba: Who am I helping and why?  ::He didn't want to do... whatever little science ensigns did.  probably something smelly.  Science was smelly.::  And shouldn't that go to Captain Bomba?
Taelon: No, Tayb-
::It was at that point eyes and brain caught up and exchanged notes. Taelon turned red and froze, staring at Bomba like he’d teleported in covered in glitter. Or spiders, as the case might be.:: 
O’Grady: ::she looked at Taelon.:: Sir, are you alright?

Bomba: ::he cleared his throat and took on his 'commanding tone' which was a sharp, harsh tone.::  Ambassador Taybrim doesn't need to see any reports.  I'll take that.  Captain Storm Bomba, in case you missed it.
::Taelon’s reply was a sound rather like ‘guh’.::

Lieutenant Taelon
Chief Science Officer
Starbase 118 OPs

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