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Star Trek Adventures


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Hey, guys. I was putzing around on the internet and found out that Star Trek Adventures by Mophideus has merchandise nao. Pre-order your shiny star trek things here.

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55 minutes ago, Maxwell Traenor said:

Good gosh. I want to play this so bad, but I just don't have a good base of roleplay friends where I live. Sigh.

Me either, but if you got the books and decided to start a group on discord or something I'd be game for that. 

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For anyone who's interested in seeing how this plays, Geek and Sundry are broadcasting live tabletop sessions of a campaign called "Shield of Tomorrow" on Twitch.

The first episode is here, although it's subscribers only (if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get a free sub every month via Twitch Prime!), but if you catch future ones live they are free, so check the schedule!

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Just so you all know, the full PDF is available online at DriveThru RPG for about $15 (or at least it was when I bought it). So far, it looks like the best Trek system I've seen for table-top - a massive improvement over the previous Decipher books that were produced back when TNG movies were still being made. If you like table-top gaming, please consider picking this up to help support the further development of this line. If nothing else, you might appreciate the beautiful artwork and the mountains of setting information (including a pretty cool map of the alpha quadrant), which might prove useful for simming here at SB118. 

I'll be playing through the sample adventure that comes with the book with my weekly gaming group in about two months, so I'll probably post an update or two with a short review in this thread.   

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