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Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire: No Time For Caution

Trellis Vondaryan

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((Science Lab 4, Deck 12 -- USS Za))
DeVeau: From what I  have seen, the virus is actually taking over the critter itself, causes it to mutate, then devour some of its young. When passed into tissue samples, the samples began to mutate as well, but not like the creatures. That virus literally changed the structure of the samples, killing off the cells.
Skyfire: Interesting in a scary sort of way...
:: He'd meant it. It was scary in the same way that Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome was scary, but from what CD was able to observe, these weren't de-evolving. They were tribble-speed evolving into something more sophisticated and creepy. ::
Johnson: What might happen to us?
DeVeau: Well, I ran some tests using computer models...if this thing were to get into us...some nasty stuff would happen.
Skyfire: Did you run any simulations on humanoids?
Johnson: It wouldna matter what the simulations say. Biology is too different.
DeVeau: I don’t even want to think of it, honestly. Fortunately, the biofilters caught this little sucker...still, I wanted to get a fresh set of eyes as well as a medical perspective on this. ::She paused, then added.:: We can never know exactly how things react, but computer models are there to give us a best guess.  From the results...best guess is pretty horrific and, as I said, the tissue samples were devasted, so...
Johnson: So what you want me to do, boss lady?
Skyfire: Your test results were saved, yes? Mind if I take a look before running some of my own?
Johnson: Good idea, cher. I'll look at them too, give you that fresh set of eyes, no.
DeVeau: Of course, by all means!  That’s why I asked y’all here, after all.
:: As much as the idea of watching it disgusted him because of what he witnessed in the creature's behavior, he had to maintain that stoic air of calm and professionalism.He quickly cast his eyes over Alora's results and bit his lip to force back the wave of nauseating bile which rose to the back of his throat. He didn't get super-squeamish usually, but this did not look like it was going to be a usual circumstance. As he began to run his own simulations, he at least had the decency to keep it to the console in front of him rather than project it on the larger monitors. As Alora and Haylie continued to watch the gruesome little critters, CD kept his observations limited to the screen before him. While he was still running his own simulations, he was not liking the results. ::
:: The list of symptoms and possible outcomes was rising. Mutations, displaced organs, rearranging of the cellular structure, violent hemorrhages, seizures, insomnia, hallucinations, phased out limbs, blindness, dehydration, muscle spasms, transporter narcosis...the list went on as he continued to run tests. No two results were the same, even across the different species on the away team. The possibility of cannibalism wasn't out of the question either, but that had yet to appear on any of the simulations he'd looked at. He noticed, however, they all appeared to have one thing in common: they were all fatal. He was running them in quick succession with time accelerated to get an idea how long he'd have to act. Finally, one of the simulations revealed cannibalism, and his grip on the console tightened to a white-knuckled one as he bit back yet another wave of nausea. ::
Skyfire: Alright, folks. Ask your questions and I'll answer them as best as I can...
Johnson: Everything I saw said all the mutations would be fatal, yeah?
DeVeau : Yes.  Any thoughts, Chy?
Skyfire: I don't know. They've all been different, with one similarity. This is terminal.
:: Alora let out a low whistle. CD didn't have to be standing close to read her expression: not the best news he could have delivered. ::
Johnson: I couldn't really tell. Best guess on how long someone might survive if infected?
DeVeau: Well, that could vary, but based on what I’ve seen...three days at most.  In addition, how the mutations occurred differed with every sample.
Skyfire: Each one looks gruesome no matter which way you look at it. Do you want me to go through the list?
:: He bit his lower lip. He swallowed hard, dreading their reactions. He once again felt the wave of nausea hit him, and had to fight a bit harder to keep it down as he stared at the screen. On one of the other screens where the bugs were not in display, he pulled up the text of what he had observed so far. His simulations were still running on the screen in front of him. ::
Johnson: No, cher, that's not necessary. At least for me.
DeVeau: Might as well.  I want to know if your findings and interpretation match mine.
Skyfire: The longest simulation shows fatality at seventy two hours. All others have been significantly less.
:: He cast a worried glance to his old friend, Alora. Of all the miracles he'd pulled off in his time, he was good...but not that good. He was known amongst the Gorkon crew as Lazarus, but as he told Dassa, even he had limitations. Chythar was not a god, just stubborn when his friends were dying at his hand. He couldn't let it happen to Lael, and if he could prevent it, he wouldn't lose anyone on the Za either. He didn't want to think about what would happen if Alex got infested by one of these. Would that jade CD beyond all hope? End his career because he'd seen too much death? Force him into retirement as a civilian on the farm? ::
DeVeau:  Then my data seems sound thus far.
Johnson: Everything okay, cher?
Skyfire: I'm fine...
oO If I watch him die... Oo 
:: oO Hypocrite. Oo he told himself. Of all the phrases he hated using, all the ones he hated hearing when working with patients who really weren't fine at all, he had to go ahead and use this one. CD sighed heavily. What could he say? That he was too busy praying he would be able to save them from something like this? ::
:: He shook his head to clear it, to force the negative talk out of his mind. It took him nearly three minutes to recover enough to the point where he could speak again. ::
::Johnson’s eyes narrowed.::
Johnson: You sure?
Skyfire: Yeah. I just--- :: He hesitated for a moment as he replayed the staff meeting over in his mind. ::
Johnson: Okay, so how do we prevent an outbreak here, eh?
DeVeau:  Well, first thing, keep these things in containment.  I would do double backups just in case.
:: He nodded to that, his mind racing as he recalled the details of the first contact mission. ::
DeVeau: Next thing?  I’d like to find a way to combat it, inoculate against it, something.  We’ll need to study it further of course, but I want a way to deal with things should we run into this.  If these people are now venturing out into space, they’re going to start interacting - after all, we’ve just met them.  We’ll need to make sure this doesn’t become a problem.
:: It was too late, but he held his tongue as he sorted through the information in his head. If he spoke before he had fully thought out his words, he would likely wind up either talking too fast or making himself otherwise incoherent because he'd be talking in Russian, Japanese, Gaelic, or one of his other forms of linguistic stress levels. ::
Johnson: ?
DeVeau: I’ve only just started, so nothing yet, but with more brains added, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out between the two of us.  Fortunately, these were caught by the transporter, so it’s not as if we have an issue on board at the moment.
Skyfire: No...but we may have a problem when the away team returns. 
DeVeau / Johnson: ?
They opted to take a shuttle
. Chances are that since we didn't get a chance to act with our guests while they were here, they couldn't provide us with any intel such as whether these things are a risk to our crew. To the best of my knowledge, nobody's given any concern to EVA suits either because we were still studying the
 before we had a chance to recommend it.
DeVeau / Johnson: ?
Skyfire: Exactly.... The ones I know are on the away team include the captain, Vondaryan, Pandorn, and Blair. :: He paused and pinched the bridge of his nose. :: Computer, who of the Za's staff has ventured to the Pathfinder?
:: The computer recounted all the names of the away team, including a crewman or two that Chythar didn't recognize. He swallowed hard. Did they had time to warn the team before this became a problem? How would he react if Alex or Lael were claimed as victims? Would he be able to bring himself to honor a request to put them out of their misery, or force himself to leave the room because he couldn't watch? He tried desperately to center himself, another wave of nausea threatening to make an exit. He bit it back and winced this time, hoping nobody noticed. :: 
DeVeau / Johnson: ?
Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire
Medical Officer
USS Za, NCC-65305
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