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USS Athena crew share logs from the Gamma Quadrant

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DANUBAE SYSTEM — The USS Athena continues her mission in the Gamma Quadrant, presenting several logs to share.

USS Athena, Captain’s Log for Captain Selene Faranfey, Stardate: 239405.03

We’ve made contact with a Dryary Emissary, one I recognize as the adoptive daughter of Colonel Nugra. Her name was Iria but she now goes by Arda Iristi. This is going to make working with the Dryary interesting, as she is a person of interest in the death of Lieutenant Janel Tarna and is now a Dryarian citizen.

As the emissary, it is my hope that we can negotiate long term use of the Danubean station within their space. Right now, the Dryarians Confederation is the only friendly encounter we have had since arriving here. Without the station or a working alliance with them, we would be would be in trouble if our ship were damaged so badly it wasn’t able to move.

As always, the Athena will make due with the circumstances and find the best way to handle the situation that honors our commitment to Starfleet and our duty to the Federation.

USS Athena, First Officer’s Log for Lieutenant Commander Frank Hawkins, Stardate: 239405.03

Repairs to the Athena are complete. She is operating above specifications and is ready to resume exploration of the sector. Repair and refit of the USS Victory and Doyle were minor and quickly accomplished.

With the help of Doctor Alexander Bishop, Marine Captain Amuro McKnight, and Chief Engineer Lieutenant JG. Cassandra Ezi, an educational training program for the Vissilian race is underway. We estimate a high rate of success.

Personnel changes are as follows: Lieutenant Piper Seelie is being groomed for the Chief Science position, and we’ve received a new engineering officer, Ensign Rudolf Calvin. Lieutenant Commander Sabrina Holly will continue serving on the bridge as Deck Officer, as I have been moved into the Executive Officer position.

First Officer’s Log, Supplemental

I’m uncertain about how our involvement with the Vissilian race may violate the Prime Directive. However, Captain Selene Faranfey ordered the action and I’ll support her officially. I also don’t understand her reasoning in placing me in the XO position when there are more qualified and experienced officers available, but I won’t question her judgment.

Crew statement records:

Commander John Nugra, Acting Captain of the USS Victory

“The mission was very stressful for everyone but my crew was able to keep a level head and get us through the attack.”

Ensign Rudolf Calvin

“The only thing better than an exciting mission is an exciting shore leave.”

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