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Ens Tad Cooper - My Dinner With Jordan, Part 1


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(( Starbase 104, Level 7 ))

:: Tad silently contemplated all the life choices that had culminated in him standing at the entrance to Garkon's Meatatorium and Boot Repair. The area was surprisingly quiet. He was the only person in sight, and the only sound was the buzz and grinding hum of the oversized neon bat'leth that continuously pivoted up and down above the restaurant's door, appearing to slice through the neck of some pig-like tusked neon beast. Tad was so engrossed with the sight that he never heard his "date" approach until she spoke up behind him, nearly making him jump out of his skin. :: 

Jordan: Punctual. I like that.

:: Tad spun around to greet her but froze when he saw her. At least, he assumed it was her. The voice was familiar but the woman before him wore a cornflower blue dress with dark ankle boots and her hair was done up in a ponytail that fell below her shoulders. Most surprising of all were the light violet eyes, no longer hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. For a long moment he wasn't entirely sure she really was Jordan. ::

Jordan: ::She pointed up at the neon sign.:: Targ got yer tongue?

Cooper: oO Yup, it's her. Oo Ah, you're just...ah, not what I was expecting, Deputy.

:: Jordan's smile was yet another thing Tad hadn't seen before. ::

Jordan: Jenny. 

:: Jordan noticed Tad's eyes widen in surprise, even through his dark lenses. ::

Jordan: I'm off duty, ya know. Can't be on all the time, right Tad?

:: Tad reeled as if she'd punched him. ::

Cooper: You know my name?

Jordan: We're both Starfleet security, it's not like it was hard to find out. ::She held her arm out toward the door.:: Shall we?

:: Of course, his name wasn't a secret. What surprised Tad wasn't so much the fact that she'd discovered his first name, but that she'd taken the time to look for it. He pushed the thought aside and accompanied Jordan into the restaurant. Immediately upon entering his ears were assailed by a loud banging from his left. Turning toward the source of the sound he saw a full workshop where several Klingons took hammers to the thick soles of sturdy looking black boots adorned with all manner of studs, spikes and other adornments. So it wasn't just a name, they actually did repair boots here. Apparently Jordan was accustomed to the sight because she walked by without comment. ::

Jordan: The place keeps a standing reservation for station security. ::She shrugged.:: I think they figure we're Starfleet's version of warriors, so they don't mind us droppin' in. It's a nice corner seat, good for keepin' a wall to your back. 

Cooper: Lead the way. 

:: The further they moved into the restaurant the dimmer the light became. By the time they reached their red cloth covered table Tad felt comfortable removing his tinted glasses. They were seated for barely a minute when a friendly looking - for a Klingon, anyway - waiter handed them each a menu. ::

Waiter: Good evening. My name is Kras and I'll be taking care of you. May I start you off with a beverage?

Jordan: Bloodwine.

:: Tad winced inwardly at the choice, but decided to play along against his better judgment. ::

Cooper:  Same for me. 

:: As the waiter strode off toward the bar, Tad opened the leatherbound menu to find a single page, completely blank save for the word "MEAT" printed neatly in the center. He cast an uncertain glance to Jordan, wondering if it was some kind of joke. Jordan gave him a knowing look in return, shaking her head slightly. ::

Jordan: Don't worry, it's no one you know.

:: Somehow that failed to put Tad's mind at ease. :: 

Cooper: That's ah, a little vague.

Jordan: ::grinning:: That's the Meatatorium. You get what they got. Could be ostrich, could be wild targ, could be Cardassian vole. It's not just a meal, it's an adventure. The only guarantee they make is it won't be anything sentient. 

:: Well, that was something at least. Kras returned, placing a glass of bright red liquid before each of them. ::

Waiter: Here you are. Have you decided yet?

Jordan: ::She closed her menu and handed it to Kras.:: I'll have the meat.

Waiter: Excellent choice! And for you, sir?

Cooper: Ah, the meat, also.

Waiter: Very good! ::He collected the menus.:: I shall return momentarily.

:: In the silence that followed the hammering from the cobblers' workshop could clearly be heard. Tad craned his neck to look in that direction, then turned back to Jordan. ::

Cooper: Are you sure they won't try to serve us any of that boot leather? ::He was only half joking, and managed half a smile. ::

Jordan:: ::Holding a finger up to her lips:: Shh! That's on the secret menu. 

:: Jordan gave another smile. The unusual atmosphere of the place combined with the sudden and extreme change in Jordan's personality filled Tad with a sense of unease. He reached for a drink to calm himself, but paused when he felt the warmth of the wine in his glass. In this place, he couldn't help wondering whether the bloodwine was more blood than wine. ::

Jordan: ::making a tsking sound with her tongue:: You need to lighten up, Tad.

:: The way Jordan - make that Jenny - seemed to be reading his mind didn't help matters either. He dared a sip of the wine. He expected Klingon alcohol to be intense, but even so he wasn't prepared for how quickly it seemed to go to his head. He blinked rapidly as the liquid burned its way down his throat. ::

Jordan: Did that help?

Tad: ::in a choked voice:: Affirmative.

Jordan: ::rolling her eyes:: Oh yeah. I can tell you're really loose now.

(( TBC ))

(( OOC: List of police codes: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Tad_Cooper/Police_Codes ))

PNPC Ensign Tad Cooper
Security officer

Simmed by

Lieutenant JG Jerome Milsap
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B

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