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Garth & T'Sara - The Great Escape (JP)

Oddas Aria

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((Play Room))

Garth: ::looking out the window:: I's board. Wish wees cood goes outs and pay in da trees.

:: The tiny Tr-omu-vulc, sighed her frustration as well and dropped her armful of toys on the floor.::

T'Sara: Me too. If we was at dah ranch we could play wiff my ponycorn, Sir Twinkles The Brave.

Garth: ::turning around to look at her:: Watts a ponycorn?

:: She picked up a couple of building blocks and stacked them in a horse shaped animal.::

T'Sara: Oh, deys neat! Dey for riding, and petting. Dey like big dogs with a horn wite in dah middle of their pony-head.

:: She stuck a block up to her head to demonstrate.::

Garth: Wow! Wish I's cood sees um. ::thinking:: Where's ya ranch at? Maybe we cood go dare.

:: That was an exciting thought, until she saw the Nanny pass by.::

T'Sara: I don’t finks we can. ::whispering:: Deys always lookin at us. It kinda creepy.

Garth: ::excitedly:: All wees gotta dos is get pass da Nanny an da guards outside, din wees is home free.

T'Sara: OOoo… like a mishun? Like our mommies go on

Garth: Yup! Ands no body knows where we goes until wees gets back.

T’Sara: I kin bees dah enginesneer lady, like Lootienant Oddie. What do you wanna be?

Garth: I's bees a capin likes capin Wallers.

T’Sara: Like your daddy.

Garth: ::beaming a smile:: Yeah, likes my daddy.

T’Sara: I gots my tool kit! I kin make a d’strakshun, an’den we kin got to dah beach, an’den we kin get to dah ranch from dere. But you gots to get us past dah nanny and dah s’curity poopies.

:: She pulled her bag of goodies up to her chest. It was the kit LtCmdr Oddas gave her. She never left home without it.::

Garth: Yup, wees need d'strakshun to get passes dim.

T’Sara: Otay! Let’s doo’ed it.

:: She tucked her tool kit close, and they sneaked across the hall into the bathroom.::

T’Sara: You keep watch. I’ll make a ‘straction. Den we goes.

Garth: I'll watch real goods here at da door. I fink da Nanny went downstairs.

:: T’Sara headed right over to the sonic shower and started dismantling the control panel. Having learned a lot from her friend Mo, the little girl began to screw with the harmonic frequencies, and then reroute it into all of the basins and cleaning stations throughout the house.::

T’Sara: Weady?

Garth: Weady!

T’Sara: Cover your ears. It gonna be weally loud.

Garth: ::sticking his fingers into his ears:: Okee dokee! Done.

:: With that done she set off every shower, stall, and basin in the house with a deafening screech of sonic sounds. There was no way anybody could hear the two little jailbirds running to their freedom.::

:: She giggled and came up behind Garth tapping him on the shoulder and waving for him to lead the way out of the house and past the grown-ups.::

Garth: Com'on, Dat was welly louds. But da Nanny is louders. Hers screamin'!

::When the Nanny came running up the stairs to check the bathrooms, Garth lead T'Sara downs to the kitchen to the back door, grabbing a plate of cookies on the way.::

Garth: Hear, puts these ins your bag cause wees mites get hungry, then watch and learn. :: Waiting until she had the cookies in the bag, he opened the door, yelling:: HELP! HELP! SOMPIN TRYIN' TA GETS US!

::The guards came running and wanting to know what was wrong, but the noise in the house told them all they needed to know, and went running inside. As soon has they passed by the children, Garth grabbed T'Sara's hand.::

Garth: Wees gotta makes a run fer it! This way, T'Sara. Wees needs to get to da bushes so day won't sees us!

:: T’Sara gladly followed along, taking refuge in the bushes.  This was exciting!  This was just like all the stories her mommies told her about.::

T'Sara: I fink deys gone.  Should we go?

Garth: Da beach it dis way. Its ain't far.

T’Sara:  We bettah hurry.  Dey gonna be mad.

:: She giggled.  She couldn’t help it.  She was having so much fun!  Off they went, running for the beach.  T’Sara was a little lost already, so she was happy to let Garth take the lead.  As they stopped at the sandy shores, T’Sara looked in her tool kit and frowned.::

T’Sara:  Deh cookies is broked. 

Garth:  Oh nooo! Watt we gonna eat ifen wees gets hungry?

::  She pulled out a little bandana that she liked to use to “pretend” to wipe down her dirty tools.  Laying the cloth on the sand, she dumped the contents of the bag out.::

T’Sara:  We’s better eat dees now, or dey gets all in my tools.  I has snacks at home. 

Garth: ::brightly:: Otay wet's do dat. Captins need lots of food to gets strong to do dare jobs.. 

:: The two picked at the broken cookies and crumbs.  T’Sara grinned at her little boyfriend.::

T’Sara:  Did your new daddy teach you how ta trick growed-ups like dat?

Garth: No, mommy did. She say if I gets into trouble, and someone trys ta takes me, I should yell as loud as I cood. Where did ya learns to make noise wif da water pipes?

T’Sara:  ::she shook her head::  I learnded to play wiff the shower from Uncle Mo.  He teaches me neat stuff about Kwantum Mechnix and far away places dat live next to us, but we can’t sees them. 

Garth: Dat wuz a good tricks.

T’Sara:  He’s weally smart.  He says dere’s lots of Garths and Aunt Tonie’s out there, but they’s all different.

Garth: Welly? I didn't knows dat.

T’Sara:  Like dere might be one of you that is still wiff your other daddy.  But he says I’s only one in the verse. Ain’t no others of me out dere.  He says I has a special porpose, and I need to learns stuff.

Garth: I's haves porpose too. I's welly be a Capin someday.

T’Sara:  Mo helped make me, cos my two mommies couldn’t.   I’s his protojay.  I dunno what dat means, but it important.  I think.  Don’t tells nobody about him though.  He’s a secret.  Promise?

Garth: Promise!

T’Sara:  Pinky swears?

:: She held out her pinky.::

Garth: ::hooking her pinky with his:: Pinky swears, but we welly need ta goes now.

T’Sara:   Yeah.  Deys gonna be lookin’ fer us.  My ranch is dat way through the forest.  Den we kin plays with my ponycorn, and show you dah Qoots, n’ Wesos.  We get milk and eggs from dems.    

Garth: Wow, I's can't waits to sees your ranch. 

:: She collected her things, and noticed they were leaving tracks in the sand.::

T’Sara:  What do we do ‘bout dose feetprints? 

Garth: ::breaking to branches from one of the bushes they had just come from:: Wees drags dees behines us and day brushes da feetprints away. ::showing her:: See? Alls gone! 

T’Sara:  Looks, I’s a ponycorn and dis is my tail!

:: She held the branch behind her and swished it around as they headed off toward the forest.::

Garth simmed by:
Rear Admiral Toni Turner
Commanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thunder NCC - 70605-A
Author ID number: E238209TT0

T'Sara simmed by:
Lieutenant Commander T’Lea 
Chief Science Officer
Embassy, Duronis II
Author ID I238301T10

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