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Not-so-normal tactics

Randal Shayne

Not-so-normal tactics  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite examples of unconventional tactics in starship combat?

    • Sonic disruption using communicators (Friday’s Child)
    • “Grappling” with the enemy (The Borderland)
    • Rubindium crystal escape (Patterns of Force)
    • Holographic decoys (Basics, Part 1)
    • Solar flare attack (Redemption, Part 2)

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Starfleet’s primary mission has always been to explore uncharted worlds and civilizations. Over time, however, it became obvious that the Federation was faced with a great number of threats. When phasers and torpedoes don’t work, Starfleet crews must find unconventional strategies in order to defend themselves and the Federation as a whole. Adversity breeds innovation, and flexibility has been shown to be more of an asset than firepower. Throughout six series, numerous examples of this theme have been enjoyed. From the technologically sophisticated tactics of Voyager’s outboard holographic imagers, to the simplicity of latching onto a chunk of the opponent's hull and pulling, as seen in Enterprise, there has been no shortage of brilliant maneuvers and awe-inspiring creativity.

This week’s poll asks you to give your favorite examples of unconventional tactics in starship combat. Did the artificial solar flare in “Shadows and Symbols” capture your imagination? Or did you find the extensively modified deflector dish of “The Best of Both Worlds” more to your liking?

Something else not listed here? Tell us below!

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Ok I just have to say it: Under no circumstances should grappling a ship ever be a good idea!!! Seriously. :)

I went with the solar flare attack, because despite being planned beforehand its such a great spur of the moment life saving idea.  On the whole though, most examples that could be found are way too situational or zany to ever really work twice, so I don't know how good a tactic they could possible be then. I suppose the lesson to the story is that sometimes it pays to think a fraction longer for that outside the box solution instead of simply shooting til the last ship floating. 

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