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Duronis II Embassy crew heads into Typhon Expanse

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TYPHON EXPANSE – The crew of the Duronis II Embassy have taken a runabout into the Expanse to test game-changing technology.

Lt. Cmdr. Jorey took the runabout USS Magnus into the Typhon Expanse to test the new Typhon Shield Device developed through collaboration with the Laudean Fielding and Science Academy. The Magnus began getting communications specifically directed at them from what sounded like a small child trapped somewhere in the expanse. They changed their course to investigate where the communications were coming from. As they approached, the Typhonic Shield Device was knocked offline, and the Magnus was pulled in and trapped in a spacial anomaly. They found themselves immobilized in-between a heavily damaged Borg Cube and a disabled Achilles Class Federation starship. The Borg engaged their tractor beam and began to pull the Magnus in. The Achilles Class, identified as the USS Apollo, activated its own tractor beam on the Magnus. The runabout was caught in the middle of a tug-of-war, until the Apollo fired off a barrage of quantum torpedoes at the Cube and disabled its tractor. The Magnus was pulled into the Apollo’s shuttle bay.

The team was met by a young blonde Terran woman. However, they quickly realized that the last remaining life form on the Apollo, named Thetis, was an AI thought to be discontinued after experiencing issues with the prototype on the USS Achilles. However, a junior engineer had activated the Apollo’s THETIS program just prior to the Apollo being pushed into the expanse and trapped in the anomaly. The Magnus was beyond repair, but fortunately an Arrow Class runabout in the Apollo’s shuttle bay would be able to be refit with the Typhonic Shield Device and give them a chance to escape the anomaly.

One team made its way to the Apollo’s bridge to deal with the hostile Borg cube, while the other team remained in the shuttle bay to refit the runabout with the Typhon Shield Device. The Bridge team discovered that the Apollo was carrying out the Omega Directive and was trying to destroy the Borg Cube they now found themselves trapped with. It was clear that the Apollo and cube in this anomaly existed separately from the normal timeline, however, Jorey and the team concluded that they needed to destroy the cube. If not, the cube could use the Typhon Shield Device to escape the anomaly which would put them into the normal timeline and endanger the quadrant. They devised a plan to collide the Apollo into the cube and self-destruct. They would then use the new runabout to escape the anomaly just before both ships were destroyed.

The Borg made things more difficult, by sending familiar drones, assimilated former Apollo crew, to try and take the bridge, assimilate the Embassy crew, and steal the Typhon Shield technology from the shuttle bay. However, the cube was disconnected from the Collective and many of the Apollo crew, now turned drones, were able to resist the commands and impulses to carry out their orders. Others were not so lucky and were brought down by old weapons provided byt Major Irina Pavlova. In the end, the Embassy crew was able to carry out their plans.

Upon reaching the Embassy LtCmdr Brayden Jorey pointed out that the new technology will bring new questions and debate.

“The prospect of our ships being outfitted with the TSD and exploring the Typhon Expanse is exciting,” said Jorey. “Although, I’m curious to see what Starfleet Command and the Department of Temporal Investigations has to say about rescuing those trapped in the anomalies.”

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