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Technical difficulties plague USS Za as crew attempts reboot of systems

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DEEP SPACE — Things have gone from confused to worse as the crew of the USS Za dealt with technical malfunctions aboard their ship.

The senior staff of the USS Za (NCC-65305) first ran into difficulties when their holodeck malfunctioned, splitting up the crew. Some found themselves moving from a tropical beach to a railway tunnel from Earth’s American Civil War and then to what could only be called a mad scientist’s lab. Others found what appeared to be a starship graveyard, only to end up in something resembling the Woodstock Music Festival of Earth’s late 1960s.

Outside the holodeck, other members of the crew tried to establish what, if anything, had happened to the senior staff, but they discovered an increasing number of technical issues beginning to affect the whole vessel. The source of at least some of these problems was identified as an undetected cloud of kinophasic radiation that the Za had somehow stumbled into. With creative efforts and skillful piloting, the ship was steered clear of the radiation, preventing it from causing any further damage – but doing nothing to remedy what had already been caused.

Managing to escape from the holodeck, some of the senior staff made their way to Engineering. Lt. Petras and Ens. Kaidun split off to attempt to diagnose and repair the computer core. With the holoemitters throughout the ship showing the same problems as the holodeck itself – adding such distractions as an irate targ rampaging around Main Engineering – a plan was hatched by the engineering crew to reboot the Za’s systems completely.

“It’s hard to really concentrate the task at hand when you turn a corner in the corridor and find yourself in the middle of King Arthur’s court,” Ensign Terrence Wren, one of the Za’s science crew, observed.

As the crew wait to see if the reboot worked with emergency lighting as the only real sign of life from the Za itself, some systems are starting to come back online – including a com channel to those still trapped in the holodeck.

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