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Cmdr Brell & Cadet Morin - Point, Red.


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((DS26, Recreation Deck 2, Holodeck 14))


::Though they had both been there responding to the crisis on Kriosian III Brell had been mostly leading teams from Atlantis and Morin had spent nearly the whole time assisting in sickbay. The younger Bolian’s time was also taken by his academy coursework. This chance to learn on the job out among the distant stars had not gotten him out of having to sit through lectures. Right now that all seemed a million light years away as both were focused on one thing; winning.::


::Morin dodged the metallic disk still flashing red, it bounced off of the holodeck wall and came right back for him. He aimed his phaser and shot grazing the edge of the disk. It counted and began to flash blue aiming itself for his uncle instead. He jumped to his feet to taunt.::


Morin: Nice try!


::Brell smirked at his nephew’s comment. Morin had improved his game quite a bit at the academy and had gotten in a few impacts on him. So far he had managed to keep ahead of the younger man, but it was far closer of a game than he would like. He readied for the disk to come at him and fired long enough to send the now flashing red disk flying towards the opposite wall. Morin had given him a chance by exposing himself to taunt him. The disk bounced off of the wall and just as Morin was turning his head to react it impacted him between the his shoulder blades sending him diving to the ground.::


Computer: Full Impact - Game, Brell.


::He took a few steps forward and knelt down offering his nephew a hand, then pulled him up on his feet.::  


Brell: Good game.


Morin: You got … lucky … Go again.


::Brell looked to Morin and it was clear that after three games in a row that he could easily play another. He merely sheened with exhilaration of extended physical activity, while his own red tank top dampened by sweat showed how much more exerted the commander felt.::  


Brell: I thought we had agreed to best two out of three. Computer end program.


::The phaser disappeared in from their hands and grid lines of the small holochamber replaced the seemingly full sized velocity court they had been standing in.::


Morin: You just know I win by running around a lot.


Brell: ::Smirking.:: Perhaps.


::The two exited the holodeck and started down the walkway. They had plans to meet up with Hars, Lyldra, and the twins later on. Brell was looking forward to cooking a big meal for his family and having help in the kitchen in the form of Morin. He too had been expected to help out in the kitchens of the family underwater homestead as a child. So it was nice to have someone around who knew more than telling the replicator what they wanted.::


Brell: Would you like to grab a bite to eat?


Morin: Food already?


Brell: Well we can't cook in few hours all hungry and smelling everything. It would make us unable to concentrate. As a Doctor to be you should be able to tell more about cognitive function when an individual is hungry.


::Morin rolled his eyes, then poked his uncles belly for emphasis.::


Morin: As a Doctor to be I think you could skip a meal.


Brell: That isinsboratanation, Cadet.


::Both Bolians laughed loudly causing a few people to turn towards them. Brell appreciated his nephews concern and he was someone whom he could always count on for support. Even if it came in form of a jibe.::


Morin: We could head back early. I would not mind playing with the twins a bit


::Brell could not believe how much they had grown in weeks they had been away tending to the Kriosian crisis. They were making whole words and simple sentences now and had greeted him him with a flurry of da-da’s upon seeing him. He had worried it had been long enough that they might forget him in throws of learning by leaps and bounds on near daily basis. The nineteen month olds were quite aware of his absence and missed him, coming home to them was one of the best feelings.::


Brell: Sounds like good idea to me.


Higgs: =/\= Ensign Higgs to Commander Brell. =/\=


::He sighed, Higgs was the watch officer on duty aboard Atlantis right now and he would only be calling if there was a problem.::


Brell: =/\= Brell here, yes Ensign. =/\=


Higgs: =/\= Sir the holodeck systems crashed about thirty minutes ago, and now other subsystems are not responded correctly. We are having some kind of cascading problem over here. =/\=


Brell: =/\= Recall the Engineering staff, and I’ll inform Commander Rhyn about the sution before coming aboard. =/\=


Higgs: =/\= Yes, sir. =/\=


Brell: Well it looks like duty calls. Tell your aunt and co-uncle that I could be late, and that I well be with you all as soon as I can.


Morin: Yeah, no problem. oO I’m sure they are used to it. Oo


::They gave each other a quick hug goodbye and parted ways, Morin towards the habitat module one cross-way and Brell to the nearest transporter room. Little did either know that Brell would not be coming back until very late. The problems aboard Atlantis only seemed to grow, subsystem by subsystem. It was not too long before he had to call in help from the station and inform Renos that something was going on.::


Commander Brell, First Officer

USS Atlantis, NCC-74682, Andaris Task Force

Academy Deputy Commandant - PotW Co-Facilitator


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