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Poll of the Week:Rule of Law


Poll of the Week:Rule of Law  

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  1. 1. Best Law/Court episode in Star Trek?

    • “The Drumhead” TNG
    • "Court Martial" TOS
    • "Author, Author" VOY
    • "The Measure of a Man" TNG
    • "Rules of Engagement" DS9
    • Another Law Themed Episode Tell us in Comments!

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Over the many series and movies of Star Trek we were shown a bright future where the many worlds of the Federation live and work together as a grand galactic society. Like any society the Federation had rules, law and courts as well as a military in the form of Starfleet. Starfleet like many militaries has a JAG and that is what we saw most often on screen.


Many episodes dealt with legal issues or were full blown court dramas! Who could forget Captain Picard being called to the stand by Admiral Satie during her conspiracy witch hunt aboard the Enterprise-D. Or when Worf was put on trial for supposedly destroying a klingon ship full of civilians, in a rather nail biting episode of DS9. Voyager’s Doctor found himself in the center of a case that questioned his right to control his own work and his very status in the Federation. Data had to prove his sentience in court when he was to be disassembled and studied against his will.


So many awesome examples of legal themes were shown over the years. This week we ask; What episode was your favorite that dealt with the subject of law? Tell us below!

This question comes from our General Trek Category. Where the polls focus on moments, characters, starships, and episodes from the various series and movies.

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Perhaps for the first time, I love every episode suggested in one of these polls. "The Drumhead", with its legitimate beginnings that quickly devolved into a witch hunt. "The Measure of a Man", where the very right to be was debated, and the fate of a life hung precariously in the balance. "Court Martial", which reminded us that every action has a consequence, perhaps one that is not apparent for years after the fact. "Rules of Engagement" and it's startling wake-up call to reality regarding war and death, especially in the Star Trek universe, often such a peachy place. "Author, Author"'s seemingly small problem exploding into a full scale debate about property and the right to possess. All of them incredible entries in canon. I could barely choose between them, but I had to go with "The Drumhead." I know portions of that episode by heart.

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In a way, legal drama themed trek episodes are among the most core examples of what trek is all about. Going where no man has gone before doesn't just mean discovering new planets but also new ways of thinking about society and this is what these episodes do so well. On the whole they are incredibly well written, engaging and thought provoking. 

My personal preferences though are to the examples such a "A measure of a man". "Author Author" is also in much the same vein but who could seriously pick that over some of those lines made by Picard in "A measure of a man". To me, these episodes show as I mentioned above, that people aren't just sitting by 21st century law analogs, but continuing to explore and create legal systems for a brighter tomorrow. 

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