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Marine Captain Hella - Tasked to Mitchell

Oddas Aria

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(Mitchell’s Quarters - Embassy Crew Quarters - Duronis II)

:: Pounding on the door had not awakened Colonel Rode Mitchell, but Hella had a job to do, and would not disappoint Hannibal, so kicking the door down was not beyond what she deem reasonable even if it was the door of a Colonel.

Mitchell: Ok, Ok, I’m up. I’m up. 

Hella: Yeah right, but you're already a half hour late for PT, and that means you've made me late too.  Oh and by the way, PT this morning is with a full pack. Shake yourself and let's get moving.

Mitchell: Wha? Full pack?? 

::Hella waited impatiently until he packed and put on his boots, thinking that he didn't look very much in shape and he couldn't keep up with her as they ran down the beach. But then no one on the base could beat her, except her daughter, Cabrew. ::

Hella: Ready yet?

Mitchell: ::slinging it over his shoulders:: Not really. 

::Darting out the door, Hella called out to him. ::

Hella: I'll wait for you on the beach. oO If it doesn't take all day for you to get there. Oo

::Her wait at the beach was shorter than she had estimated, but not by much. And to her, he already looked tired. Doing some stretches to give him time to rest, she introduced herself.::

Hella: I'm Marine Captain Hella, but my call sign is Banshee when I'm flying. I've been tasked to get you in shape to meet Marine specifications. We'll be running down the beach for five miles to start.

::She figured, he'd already noticed she had taken off her pack and was barefooted.::

Mitchell: ::between heaving breathes.:: Nice…to….meet…you… but…5….miles…..really? Isn’t the standard like..3?

Hella: Oh, well, it's not me who needs to get in shape. Anytime you're ready we'll get started.

Mitchell: Fine…lead the way. 

::Hella sprinted off, but then slowed down to his pace, encouraging him to go faster.::

Hella: Think of your pack as a friend that you're carrying to safety, rather than a burden. He's counting on you. Are you going to let him down? 

Mitchell: N…no…


PNPC Marine Captain Hella
Special Assignments
Embassy Duronis II
USS Thunder NCC-70605-A

Simed by Rear Admiral Toni Turner

Author ID number: E238209TT0

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