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Lt Seelie - Pics or it Didn't Happen

Dizmim ChNilmani

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(( Corridor - Deck 1 - USS Athena ))

:: Piper hurried through the corridors with her shoulders hunched and head down. She wished her arms were full of things to act as a barrier between herself and the people around her. Unfortunately, modern technology meant that the gigabytes of data her report held were contained in a single PADD. ::

:: She glanced around herself. She'd never actually been on the Athena's top deck. She was a lab rat, and happy to be so. With the topsy-turvy state of the science department since Lieutenant Commander Kaji's absence, tasks like reporting to the captain were assigned less by rank and more by lottery. Piper had drawn the short stick this time. ::

:: She didn't dislike the captain, quite the contrary. Selene Faranfey was a legend and Piper held her in awe. She'd never spoken to her personally, but Piper followed her reports and announcements avidly. Her reluctance to give the report was much more due to her dislike of speaking to strangers in any case, and her dread of leaving the comfort of her laboratory. ::

:: A man turned the corner in front of her and Piper paled. This was why she didn't leave her comfort zone. People like that were supposed to stay in mission logs and myth, not show up in your path. He slowed to greet her and her brain blinked out. ::

Nugra: Excuse me, Lieutenant. Can I help you?

Seelie: Um, uh. Hi. oO What was she doing again? Oo I'm looking for the Captain?

:: Piper's voice went up in a question as she wasn't entirely sure at the moment that was what she was doing. Of course, she knew these people lived and worked on the ship, but it was a damn big ship. She didn't typically run into them. ::

Nugra: I think the Captain just got back from an away mission. Is there anything I can help you with?

Seelie: I have a report! :: She held out her PADD in front of her as proof. ::

Nugra: Oh! ::laughing:: Forgive my manners. I'm John. ::sticking out hand::

Seelie: Yes, John Nugra. I know. I know all about you! oO Crap, that sounded stalkery. Oo I mean, yes, I know who you are.

:: She realized he was still holding out his hand and she shook it quickly, hoping her palms weren't too sweaty. ::

Nugra: ...and you are?

Seelie: Oh! I'm Piper, I mean Lieutenant Seelie. Sir.

Nugra: Well then, nice to meet you. Hope you can find the captain.

Seelie: Yes, thank you. Have a good day, Sir.

Nugra: I will. You too.

:: She let him walk past her and then hurriedly pulled her personal slimpadd out of a pocket and glanced around for witnesses before taking a photo of Nugra's retreating back. When he had turned the next corner and then slapped herself in the forehead hard enough to leave a red mark. oO Stupid Stupid Stupid Oo Before she readied herself to continue on to give her report she brought up one of her bookmarked Holonet sites and posted a message on her account feed, attaching the photo. ::

------Starfleet Legends, a Real Person Fiction Forum------

:: She took another moment to internally squeal before forcing herself to act calm and keep moving. ::

Lieutenant Piper Seelie
Science Officer
USS Athena

Edited by John Nugra
Posted the wrong copy. lol
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