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Poll of the Week: Landing a starship

StarBase 118 Staff

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All hands report to code blue stations! Take the warp core off line, vent all plasma from the nacelles, and divert all available power to the atmospheric thrusters. Prepare to extend the landing struts and set inertial dampers to maximum.

Starship landing, it was something rarely seen in the Star Trek universe. Many Klingon ships had the capability to land, as well as many smaller Federation vessels, and shuttlecraft. Grand Starfleet ship classes like the Galaxy and Sovereign are all simply too large. However, Intrepid and Nova class ships were both shown to have the ability. Voyager landed only a few times throughout the show’s seven year run and each time was impressive.

Do you feel that starship landing is underused in Star Trek storytelling? Do you think more Starfleet ships should be able to land on a planetary surface? Tell us on the forums!

This poll comes from Trek Technology and Science category, where we ask questions relating to the technology and science seen in Star Trek. Often the questions will relate to how the lines between modern tech and Trek tech blur more and more each day. Other times questions from this category will ask about your favorite gear or uses of the futuristic tech we enjoy seeing on the big and small screen.

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