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Round 11 LtCmdrs Kamela Allison-Parker and T'Lea," The Gloves are OFF!"

Oddas Aria

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(( Control Room - USS Glenn ))

::The tension between the two women was thick enough to double as duranium. Kamela had considered the matter closed, but T’Lea had other ideas::

Allison: There was no cover to blow, Commander...and I never said I was anything like you said. Remember this...you are dancing on the daggers' edge...make sure you don't fall off.....

T’Lea:  Fine.  You win.

:: Kamela gave a sideways glance at the Science officer as she hastily made her way away from the [...]pit. Turning back to face the viewscreen, the sand bar growing ever closer. No sooner than she looked down at her flight controls, she felt her head being violently shoved forward, until her forehead hit the console. Kamela saw stars, and felt the trickle of blood flow down her forehead, T’Lea’s words ringing hollow in her ears::

T’Lea:  You and SFI can go frak yourselves.  Tell that to your boss.

:: That was it. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Time to teach this Romulan wanna be a very painful lesson. Gathering her wits, she could see the defiant and momentarily victorious T’Lea walking away. Tappping the console to place the helm in auto pilot, Kamela got up and rapidly closed the distance between herself and the retreating Science officer. Reaching out her left hand, Kamela grabbed T’Lea’s right shoulder, then roughly spun T’Lea around. Seething in anger, Kamela spoke::

Allison: You [...]!!!

::Kamela punctuated her words with an elbow strike, catching T’Lea in the chin and driving her backwards against a panel, her head snapping back with the impact::

:: A woman with less fortitude, and less experience at taking a hit like that would have likely been knocked unconscious, and while T’Lea was certain that her jaw was going to be sore in the morning, right now it felt most excellent.::

:: She stumbled, and then righted herself as she caught part of wall.  When she looked back up at Kamela she gave a quiet, throaty chuckle indicating just how much she was going to enjoy this, and just how little the woman had hurt her.::

:: What happened next was fast and furious.  An exchange of raw fists striking and counter striking, blocking and maneuvering for the best place to do the most damage.  T’Lea didn’t know if Kamela was holding back, but the little voice in T’Lea’s head, which was probably some fragment of her conscience, was telling the Romu-vulc not to land a hit to the other woman’s sternum with the full superior strength she possessed, or else this would end up in an accidental, on-purpose, death.  The other indication that Kamela was not completely committed to murder either was that she had not yet reached for the weapon on her person.::
:: At least the two brawling women had some sense of shuttle etiquette.::
:: To Kamela’s surprise, T’Lea’s fighting skills were quite good, and in close quarters, much to the Romu-Vulc’s advantage. Certain things Kamela refrained from doing, mostly because killing T’Lea was not part of the plan. Therefore, she was left brawling with a woman twice her strength, in very close quarters::

T’Lea:   Just for the record…

:: She wrenched the woman’s arm back, almost to the breaking point, and whispered the next words ever so carefully in her ear from behind.::
T’Lea:  … I could have your husband if I wanted him.

:: She knew that would tip the pathetic Intel. Officer over the edge, and she expected the full onslaught of her rage to flow.::
:: It wasn’t what T’Lea said...it was how she said it, almost purring the words. Kamela knew in a rational sense, the Romulan had no chance at her husband..however, Kamela was no longer rational, the icy calm she was known for now disintegrated into full blown rage...she had now fallen prey to the Romulan::

Allison: Not in a million years, you miserable petaQ!
:: Breaking the painful arm lock T’Lea had on her, Kamela slammed a boot into T’Lea’s knee, then another elbow to the face. Blocking a blow from the Romulan hybrid, Kamela slammed a fist into her face, then followed it up with an upper cut, which once again forced the stronger woman backwards. With her defenses down, Kamela moved in for the kill...or so she thought::
:: Wiping the green blood from her lip, T’Lea limped off of the knee that had taken one hell of a kick.  Perhaps she had been enjoying the pain a little too much.  Perhaps she had played with her food a little too long.  Perhaps it was time to remind Kamela of her natural born strength.::

:: The very next fist that came T’Lea’s way was caught in the palm of her hand.  She squeezed to express her control, and then with cobra-like, enhanced reflexes struck a nerve under the woman’s arm, rendering it temporarily useless.  The tactic allowed an opening in the otherwise competent fighter.  In one swift move, T’Lea hulked Kamela’s entire body mass up in the air and threw her into the front window of the [...]pit, landing her on the control dash.::

Computer: =/\= Command not recognized.  Please try again.=/\=
:: Kamela lay on the control panel, her breath deflated, but not her spirit. Quickly hopping up, her left arm tingling, she spoke::

Allison: ::In Romulan::  Is that all you got? I play with my son harder than that!. COME ON!!!!!
:: In typical Romulan fashion, she had scurried to the back of the runabout, and between the two combatants, was Commander Jorey::
Jorey: ::A disapproving sigh and then in a flat tone.:: What in the Great Fire is going on?
:: T’Lea rubbed at her knee almost smiling. She’d hurt Kamela.  Kamela had hurt her.  But best of all, she had cracked the Intel. Officer’s cool.  And it looked like T’Lea was still under her skin.::   
:: Hilarious is what this was to T’Lea. Oh, how she had missed this kind of combat.  It would have been even better if she were allowed to kill, but she had to admit she wasn’t that person anymore.  And truth be told, she may not have even reacted this badly had Della been around, but she wasn’t, so she did.  Maybe that said something about her sex life, or lack thereof.  Interfacing with a computer console by way of somebody’s face was the next best thing, apparently, because she felt satisfied.::
T’Lea: ::Vulcaning-up:: Apologies, Captain.  ::dabbing at her split lip::  We must have… encountered turbulence upon re-entry in to the atmosphere.
Allison: It's all smoothed out, Captain ::looking at her instruments: We'll be on final approach in a few minutes...
Jorey: Smoothed out? ::His gifts and the Gods told him otherwise. He shook his head.:: I strongly advise that the two of you to each make appointments with Counsellor Ryan. In the meantime, Kamela get back to your station and make sure the Glenn is ready to land?
Lieutenant Commander T’Lea 
Chief Science Officer
Embassy, Duronis II
Author ID I238301T10

PNPC Lt. Commander Kamela Allison-Parker
Operative - Starfleet Intelligence/Helm Officer 
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy
As simmed by: 
Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker 
Marine CO 
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy 

Edited by Oddas Aria
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