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Linara and Hinji begin intense negotiations

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STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution host negotiations between two species in the Marchlands.

The Linara and Hinji are two very different species, but they have one thing in common: they need a new place to live. Both species believe they have the right to the same planet, and this has caused tensions between them. Enter the Federation negotiations. Although the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B was enjoying a family reunion at Starbase 11, Capt. Jalana Rajel and her crew were forced to cut the celebrations short to handle this matter.

The negotiations are being held at Starbase 104 in the Marchlands. Starbase 104 is nestled near the Lembatta Cluster near the Beta Quadrant. The Marchlands are surrounded by Tholian and Klingon space and is not the normal mission region for the Constitution crew. Orders are orders, however, and word has it that the crew is excited about the prospect of a new area.

“Southend Station is pleased to welcome the crew of the Constitution as wwll as the Linara and Hinji representatives onboard. It is an honor to host these negotiations, and we hope that all parties are able to come to a suitable arrangement,” shared Captain Inejiro Miyabe, the commanding officer of Starbase 104.

After arriving at the station, several of the crew were free to roam the immense starbase. Rajel and her new First Officer, Cmdr. Sarah Mason, immediately set to work on preparing the conference room that would be holding the negotiations. Security officers began routine security sweeps and all seemed to be going well. As both the Linara and Hinji representatives arrived, the Constitution and Starbase 104 crew could only hope that everything went smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Constitution also welcomed new members on board the ship. Ensigns Jason Craig and Choi Ji-hu were assigned straight from the academy and reportedly barely made it on board before the Constitution set off for Starbase 104. In addition, the staff welcomed LtCmdr. Maxwell Traenor who joined their science department. Finally, the intelligence department found itself a new member in Alexander Morningstar.

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