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[FLASHBACK] Lt. Cmdr Oddas: Old and New Wounds


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(( Bajor, Hathon, Oddas Household, Stardate 238804.02 ))
::The house was mostly dark, after dinner, the lights mostly dimmed.  Aria's parents were both home at the same time for a change, still in their militia uniforms.  Her mother, Umize had promoted to General earlier in the month, in a normal family this would have likely caused friction, but her father Gura seemed content to remain a Colonel and adviser to the government. 
The Deka tea and the tuwaly pie sat half eaten in front of her.  Tuwaly pie was one of her favorites, but she has just mentioned her future Starfleet plans to her family, not for the first time, but it was causing another argument.  Her sister, Ushow, soon to leave for her own academy training in the militia, pushed herself from the table in a sign that clearly said 'I am ashamed of you'. ::
Umize: ::dropping her fork:: Is this because of that girl?
Oddas: ::raising her voice:: This has nothing to do with Alea! ::taking a deep breath:: This has to do with using my talents to help other people, like ::emphasizing:: my family taught me.
Umize: We taught you to take care of ::raising her voice:: Bajor! Not, the rest of the galaxy. ::snidely:: Talents! Using your hands like a common maintenance worker.
Oddas: That's what you think of Engineers? What you think of the people who keep your ships in the air, of the people who keep your troops fed with replicators who keep your weapons from exploding in your hands?  Do your troops know this?
Gura: ::politically::There is no reason to be ... harsh Aria. 
Oddas: Me?!
Gura: ::holding up his hands:: Fine! stay here, be an Engineer.  Be a Militia Engineer, you don't need to go join the Federation forces, help your people here.
:::She had known this argument was coming.  She took a sip of her tea to try and collect her thoughts, but her sister spoke up from the side of the room. ::
Ushow: ::quietly, forcefully:: You're going to get hurt, or worse, fighting for someone else.  You'll be on some Prophet forsaken rock defending someone or following some orders for people who aren't your own and you'll get wounded or killed.  We'll get a nice letter from some Admiral telling us how brave your were, how noble your sacrifice was, how necessary it was to the future of the Federation. ::snorting:: The Federation, as if that is something we need to be part of. 
Oddas:  The Federation sacrificed lives, and ships, and resources when the Dominion came to invade.  Were those lives unnecessary sacrifices? Was Bajor a Prophet forsaken rock?  ::she paused:: I know you haven't been to the shrine lately, but even you know the Emissary was of the Federation too.  
Umize: ::anger rising in her voice:: And I know you don't remember it, but the Federation stood by while the Occupation was going on. 
Oddas: ::sighing:: This is happening, Mom, ::turning to look:: Dad, ::turning again:: Ushow.  The Federation wants to do good things and I want to help them.  Its what my family taught me to do.  I'm going to build up the galaxy the way you've all been building up Bajor.  ::softly, apologetically:: I'm sorry you can't see that.
::Her father looked as if he wanted to say something, but her mother spoke first. ::
Umize: If you do this, you cannot come back.  When that letter your sister described comes, we won't read it.  Don't come back for support, don't come back on leave, don't come back when that girl breaks your heart. 
::Her mother picked up her dishes, put them in the disposal unit, and left the room.  Her father seemed to want to say something, Aria knew from experience he was trying to think of the political way of choosing between his daughter and his mother without upsetting either.  She also knew he agreed with his wife: when he disagreed with anyone they knew. 
He looked like he wanted to make a retreat as quickly as possible. 
She looked at her father and could feel the tears welling in her eyes but didn't want to give anyone the satisfaction of seeing her cry. ::
Oddas: ::her voice cracking:: Go, ::clearing her throat:: I know you want to.
::He left, a mixture of disgust and sorrow on his face.  She was left with her older sister in the room. Ushow poured herself more tea. ::
Ushow: ::standing, but looking at her:: That earring you wear, its our grandmother's.  She died rescuing a group of Bajoran pleasure women from a Gul.  
::She had said it focusing on Aria's family earring, emphasizing the word 'Bajoran'. ::
Oddas: ::mustering her courage:: I know.  She didn't know those women, they were strangers to her.  I've heard the story, read it on the memorial wall.  All my life we've called standing up for what's right what we do in this family.  ::she paused, looking at her pie and moving it around with her fork:: I'm just doing that on a larger scale.
Lt. Commander Oddas Aria
Chief Engineering Officer
Duronis II Embassy - USS Thunder-A - 70605-A
ASDB - Training Team - Top Sims Judge
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