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Lt. Cmdr. Savan - Uncle and Nephew


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((Gardens, Family Villa, Outside of Shi'Kahr, Vulcan))

::Savan’s family and T’Mihn proceeded up the main walkway into the villa. The first stars of the Vulcan night sky were beginning to appear. T’Nura and Torin went ahead, but Staran paused on the steps to speak with T’Mihn and Savan.  The petite Vulcan stopped and looked skyward, indigo eyes scanning the velvet black sky, with it's twinkling jewels.::

::She stargazed as a child, but not much now traveling through spae at ultra illuminal speeds.  Star gazing on TIl'ahn she would do, but it didn't "feel"right, this did.::

:: She sensed movement next to her.  Saran moved next to her, pointing at constellation patterns and notable man made objects in space.as he spoke.

Staran: My wife’s ancestors who originally lived on this land knew the stars. The arc of the ancient constellations run immediately above us this time of year.

T’Mihn: Ah.yes. :;Pointing:: That one is Mother Sehlat, over there is her cub.   That is le-matya who seems to be chasing the cub but never catches him.

Staran: And there, in the middle of that constellation is Kuvak Station. That is where the Ti’Shaan is in port.


T’Mihn: The Station seems to be in the eye of Shovock.

OOC: (A raptor type bird, very large, graceful, and seen to be a good luck omen.)

Staran: Kuvak Station is set in geosynchronous orbit with Shi’Kahr. I would like to invite you both to the station and on board the Ti’Shaan before you leave Vulcan.

Savan: I would like to see more of the ship.

T’Mihn: ::Nodding.:: As would I.

Staran: In fact, the Ti’Shaan is the first in its class. It is the most elaborate starship that our people have constructed in some time.

::Staran would probably not admit it, but he sure seemed very proud of the ship and artistry behind her.::

Staran: Do not take this in the wrong way, I have great respect for Starfleet. But as I’m sure as you both understand, the interests of Vulcan and Starfleet are not always one and the same. It is time that we return to the stars in our own way. We too were explorers.

::T'Mihn looked at the man. Savan saw that she appeared to be fighting the urge to smile.::

T’Mihn:  No offense is taken, where none is given Staran.   I tend to disagree on 'were', we still are explorers. Exploring, mind, or the katra is still exploration.

::Savan realized this could be an interesting exchange. His contact with his uncle was so limited. He was no seeing him through an adult’s eyes, not a troubled child’s. Staran had a face that almost seemed both surprised or bemused, as much as a Vulcan officer would admit.:::

Staran: Commander, with all do respect, I do not believe you have spent much time on Vulcan. The stars do not draw as many as they should, and as for the mind, I believe more exploration, as you call it, should be encouraged.

T'Mihn: I can see you have much on the mind, and things to share with Savan.

Staran: And how did you arrive at that conclusion?

::Staran looked almost perplexed.::

T'Mihn: You had that certain look only a fellow parent can recognize.  It's a logical conclusion, after today's events, much must be discussed and contemplated.

Staran: Indeed, commander...

::Savan then watched T’Mihn continue into the home, leaving Staran momentarily silent.::

Savan: Well, we should join the others.

::The elder approached Savan and looked at him, directly but with a quiet warmth of a Vulcan parent. He wasn’t following T’Mihn inside.::

Staran: No, your associate T’Mihn is correct. We do have much to discuss together.

Savan: ::raising an eyebrow:: I supposed you are correct.

::Savan was at a lost of words. Here he was with the father figure who sent him away years before and with whom he had few exchanges in the years to follow. Thankfully, his uncle stepped in.::

Staran: Walk with me, my nephew.

::And so did Savan obey his uncle’s words. He followed him quietly as they finally arrived at the viewing place of Shi’Kahr. The city lights glowed in the distance, with its spires reaching upward. On foot, the capital would be more than an hour away. He remembered how Staran had to be near the city because of his post, but preferred to remain on its outskirts.::

Staran: So I trust you met with the doctors from the Vulcan Science Academy while you were on board the KiVahl?

Savan: I did.

Staran: Your silence says nothing and everything.

Savan: In all frankness, I am uncertain by the findings they presented.

::The words coming out of Savan’s throat did not at all feel like himself. And apparently, he was not the only one to notice.::

Staran: I need to interrupt you, my nephew. I realize that we have not spoken a great deal since you left this home, and that you may see me as an officer of the High Command who may happen to be a relative. But you do not need to assume Vulcan airs and restraint for my benefit. When it comes to a matter of this gravity, it is illogical to ignore your identity .

Savan: I do not understand.

Staran: Savan, speak your truth. Speak in the way that is appropriate for you. Only in that manner may I truly understand your position. You are son of two worlds, Savan. There is no shame in truth.

::Savan was a little dumbstruck now. In other words, his uncle was asking him to be himself.::

Savan: Alright, I am very torn by what the doctors told me.

Staran: Torn? Explain.

::The Vulcan captain looked sincerely confused. It was clear that he thought the doctor’s offer to repair the Trellium D damage was positive.::

Savan: Uncle, after I had to leave this world, I had to forge my own path. No one on Vulcan could help me in the end with who I became. I was not wanted here.

::Savan paused as he heard the words come out of his mouth despite himself. He could then sense a shift in Staran. It appeared he had hit a chord for his uncle, who was looking off into the distance and then turned to look at his nephew.::

Staran: Savan, before we go any further, know this. I took your custody very seriously. In fact, I did not want you to leave.

Savan: You did not?

::All Savan could remember was Staran’s seemingly infinite frustration with his inability to behave.::

Staran: No. But logic dictated that I choose another course of action. Having you remain on Vulcan would have given you no future—at least not one I wanted for you. Sending you to another world more open to emotions… to be raised with someone who could understand better than I did, that was the only logical choice.

::Now it was Savan’s turn to be surprised.::

Savan: I never considered it that way.

::Staran then stood up and looked at the villa.::

Staran: How could you? For all intense and purposes, you were a child. And you were more than my nephew, I considered you my son. I had only the best intentions for you.

Savan: ::quietly:: I appreciate you saying that.

::Of course, the Vulcan captain was not going to get too expressive and changed topics.::

Staran: Now let us return to the topic at hand. You are, as you say, “torn.”

Savan: Yes. I found my own way. It is imperfect, yes. It is not always easy. I need to rely on medicines and treatments, to compensate. But I have survived and, in the end, learned and thrived.

Staran: ::perplexed: And you believe restoring the full functioning of your emotional control centers would destroy what you have learned?

Savan: Not just that, it may destroy who I am, who I have become.

Staran: My nephew, I know that you are aware that treatment, if successful, will not cause you to suppress either your memories or sense of identity. I sense that your concerns lie elsewhere.

::Savan realized that his uncle saw a fallacy in his worries.:

Savan: Perhaps they do.

::Something of an epiphany occurred.::

Staran: I think I understand. It is because you will now have a choice.

Savan: A choice?

Staran: A choice between adopting the Vulcan way or maintaining your own. That is what your concerns are about. You think you need to turn your back on your past now?

Savan: I think that would be a correct assessment.

::Now Staran began to sound paternal and all-knowing, but Savan actually appreciated it.::

Staran: Savan, I know how well educated and well versed in Vulcan tradition Torin is. As the educator he is, he would have shared that with you.. And I know that you understand that the Vulcan mental disciplines take years to master. While of course, much of that foundation is done during adolescence, it is a lifelong process of mastery and self-discovery. And it is clear to me that you have discovered many of these concepts on your end.

Savan: Then why did the doctors come to me with this treatment?

Staran: I asked them to speak with you, even though the findings are preliminary… ::Staran paused a moment.:: because I wanted you to be given the option of this treatment... but not to force you to follow the Vulcan Way or to sacrifice your identity. I wanted you be able to have the full ability to explore your mind and all its capacities, just as any other Vulcan is able to. Where you go is your decision and yours alone. My intention is for your path to simply be a less arduous one. I am aware of the challenges you have undergone and how you have transcended them.

::Savan knew what his uncle was referring to in a roundabout way. No medications, no frequent psych checkups, no repeated neurological exams—or at least, far less of all of it. And then there was more, perhaps even the ability to meld. He then felt something he had been wanting to say for years come out.::

Savan: To be honest, Uncle, I did not want to leave this planet, Uncle. I just wanted to be a Vulcan, a Vulcan like everyone else but I could not. And within, part of me still does. I wanted to belong, to fit into this society.

::Savan stared off into the lights of Shi'Kahr.::

Staran: My nephew, you are a Vulcan. While most of us now follow the Teachings of Surak in a way that conforms to certain traditions, there is always diversity in the Vulcan way.

::Savan looked at his uncle, trying to process still the exchange that had just happened.::

Staran: I am certain the others are waiting for us.

::Staran got up to leave the viewing area and return to the villa.::

Savan: Uncle, if you could take a few moments more, could you please tell me about my father?

Staran: Varis was brilliant. It is not a word we Vulcans use to describe one another, but it is appropriate in your father’s case. His insights were often unparalleled.

Savan: How so?

Staran: That will take some time. Let us talk about him tomorrow. I have taken leave while you are here. I can accompany you to meet with the doctors, and then we speak further about your father.

::Savan sensed there was more to Staran’s words, but decided to allow him share it on his own time.::

Savan: I would appreciate that.


Lt. Commander Savan
Tactical/Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A

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