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USS Athena investigates Dreamstar

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DANUBAE SYSTEM — USS Athena wraps up shore leaves, docks for repairs, and sends a team to investigate the Dreamstar and another team with the USS Victory to activate a listening post nearby.

Breaking News – The Executive Officer was spotted coming out of the holodeck with up and coming Marine Amuro McKnight. It looks like he finally got a date but there is no information on the outcome of said date nor whether or not there is a second one planned. Also, the Department Chiefs for Security and Engineering were spotted leaving a Bajoran restaurant on the Promenade during shore leave. McKnight was also seen in the Gym with Riel and Amman for training and rumor has it Riel ended up in Sickbay afterwards.

News from the Crew – When asked for their thoughts on the Athena and Shore Leave a member of the crew had this to say, “While I enjoy some downtime, I won’t be happy until she’s fully repaired and ship shape,” said Lieutenant Hawkins, Assistant Chief Engineer on board the USS Athena.

Moving Up In the World – The end of this Shore Leave saw a few up and coming crew members rise above the grade as they earned either an extra pip or a half-pip on their collar. The lucky recipients were Kubon Mera, and Frank Hawkins. Also everyone who participated in the last mission was awarded the First Contact and Explorers ribbons for services rendered. Great Job everyone!

Big Opportunity – Captain Selene Faranfey approached her crew with optimism and a unique opportunity for the coming mission. She assigned Risk Assessment officer John Nugra to lead a team backed by her own XO Sabrina Holly to lead the USS Victory along with a handpicked team to reactivate a listening post nearby. Captain Faranfey herself took a team to the Dreamstar with Acting XO newly promoted Lt. Frank Hawkins.

Mission Began – Captain Faranfey’s team landed in the USS Artemis on the Dreamstar and Nugra began preparation of the USS Victory for departure. Both teams are aware and confident of their missions but have no idea what they will find. One can only hope that both teams will return safely.

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