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Kos’karii pirates conspire with corrupt Shadow’s Edge officials

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ESPERANCE — The USS Veritas returns to dock for shore leave after investigating the remains of the cargo vessel Falcon and finally laying rest to an old friend.

When the CCF Falcon was attacked by the Kos’karii armada now over a month ago, the cargo vessel did not stand a chance. Now, confirming Starfleet suspicions, the Klingon pirate “Lord Jilor” officially claimed responsibility for not only the Falcon, but the for the attack on Shadow’s Edge Governor Theo Giannakos’ home – resulting in the death of Veritas captain Rosa Carrero.

“Today, I publicly assume leadership of a growing movement that says that the people of the Shoals will no longer be forgotten as the rest of the galaxy passes us by.” Jilor announces, with Carrero’s Starfleet combadge, among other “trophies”, pinned to his chest. The pirate goes on to state that the Kos’karii will “fight for freedom”.

“Rosa Carrero is one of many casualties of Kos’karii attacks,” Lieutenant Elis Nacubaq, a former Veritas crew member, stated to reporters. “If anyone thinks he will get away with the death and destruction he leaves in his wake, you are sorely mistaken.”

The sole survivor of the Falcon attack, once a member of the Kos’karii, provided Veritas officers with the ability to track many Kos’karii vessels – which was forwarded on to Colonial Marshals, whom are now in the process of planning a major counteroffensive against the large pirate faction.

Meanwhile, the crew of the USS Veritas returned to Esperance today with Rosa Carrero, now on her final journey back home to Earth to be finally laid to rest. Now, the Veritas crew can properly grieve and welcome aboard the new faces within the crew.

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