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Lt. Cmdr. Savan and PNPC Torin - Family Ties

Oddas Aria

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((OOC: This sim is first told from Savan’s perspective, then another character’s.))

((Family villa outside of Shi’Kahr, Vulcan))

::Savan found his old room. It was not at all as he had left it. It obviously had been occupied by others, perhaps a guest room. But as he looked around, he saw a container with some personal items that he did not take to Earth years ago. Among the possessions was a holoportrait of Savan as a young child with his parents. It looked like they were on some lush green world—obviously, not Vulcan. He was surprised that Staran and T’Nura had actually kept this and all of the other items.::

::Some minutes had passed, when Savan could tell he was being watched.::

Torin: Don’t worry, I am not from the V’Shar. 

Savan: Father? I had no idea you were here.

::Savan’s face brightened up. While not his blood father, Torin was very much his father. After the crisis that tore Savan’s family apart and led to his departure from Vulcan, the half-human, half-Vulcan scholar became a beacon in his life. And with his family, he could actually express his emotions freely, without restraint. His joy at seeing his adoptive father was obvious.::

((OOC: This is Torin: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:Torin.jpg))

Torin: Staran told me that he had seen you during a mission, and that he had asked you to come home during shore leave.I was planning to come to Vulcan for some time, so it seemed like the perfect time.

Savan: I am glad you are here. ::growing serious for a second:: Have you spoken with Staran?

Torin: I supposed you mean regarding the discoveries from the Eye of Terak?

Savan: Yes….

Torin: He did… but so you know, he did not learn of the findings until after he had invited me. But that discovery made my trip all the more important. So, how are you taking it?

Savan: Honestly, father, I am very torn. 

::Savan’s adoptive brothers called Torin “dad” in the human fashion, but Savan always used the more formal father.::

Torin: Why?

Savan: Despite everything, I came to appreciate the opportunity I had in the end… to feel what few Vulcans have, to experience so many things. But when those scientists examined me on the ship en route here and told me they may be able to make me Vulcan, a real Vulcan… I was ready to turn my back on everything just so…

Torin: … you could finally fit in?

::Savan looked out through the windows that showed ShiʻKahr shimmering in the fading light of the afternoon. He turned back and saw Torin, focused and attentive.::

Savan:  Yes, father. I never realized how much I still feel excluded… to this day. Being in Starfleet, so far away… and with different species, I rarely think of it. But after being around Vulcans recntly, just for a short while, the sense of order, efficiency, and calm… 

Torin: Order is very seductive, Savan. And most Vulcans would never admit this, but so is logic.

Savan: No they wouldn’t… but I see your point.  So what do you think I should do?

::Torin smiled.::

Torin: Savan, you already know what I will say.

Savan: That it’s my decision… 

::Torin grew serious as he looked at his son’s face.::

Torin: Yes, that’s right… but you need to think carefully and find out what you are really looking for. Just because you may be able to suppress your emotions like most of the people on this planet does not mean you will feel at home.

::Savan looked at his adoptive father, speechless. Torin just said nothing and walked up to Savan and gave him a big hug.::

Torin: ::quietly:: I know you will make the right choice, whatever it is. 

((OOC: This is part II, now told from Torin’s perpective.))

((Library, Family Villa, Outside of Shi'Kahr, Vulcan))7

::Torin was thrilled to have seen Savan. They spoke a bit more, then Torin let him get settled. He knew coming back to Staran and T’Nura’s home would be intense. After all, this was the home he had to leave.:: 

::To make the most of the time before the evening meal, Torin headed to the library. He was amazed by the wonders that Staran and T’Nura had collected.::

::When he entered the library’s threshold, he saw another Vulcan, short in stature. He realized it was Savan’s fellow officers from the Embassy, T’Mihn. There was something different about her, and Torin was curious about finding out why.::

Torin: You seem like you can actually read that without a problem.

T’Mihn: T’Mihn: I..eh.. had a lot of practice.  ::She gestured towards a chair as an invite to sit down.::  It just seemed easy.

Torin: It took me several years for me to even able to read those scrolls properly. 

T’Mihn:  I think the trick is to remember the direction the writing is supposed to go and it's not always a literal rendering.  The sentences are treated as a journey while being written and read.. So who have I the honour of speaking with?

Torin: Yes, it’d be impolite for me not to introduce myself. I am Torin.

T’Mihn: I am T'Mihn, are you kin of Savan?

Torin: I am Savan’s adoptive father. I suppose he hasn’t spoke much about me or his family on Earth. 

T’Mihn: ::Canting her head to the side with a shoulder shrug.:: Only small amounts, but I don't push him.  Our ways are private.  Had you seen him yet? 

Torin: That is his way. Always a little discreet, always a little secretive… But yes, I did see him a short while ago. In any case, his uncle Staran let me know that Savan was returning to Vulcan. I was planning to come for research anyway, so I moved up my trip. 

T’Mihn: I'm sure he was pleased. ::Referring  to Savan::

Torin: For all intents and purposes, he is my son… and I miss him. Adopting him was one of the greatest moments of my life.

T’Mihn: Bringing a child into one's life is always a wonderful moment. I notice you're pretty relaxed, you must be part Vulcan or full blooded raised elsewhere.

Torin: Ah I suppose my obvious emotions are a giveaway. You are correct. I’m half-Vulcan. My father was in Starfleet, and he became enamored of Terran culture the minute he arrived at the Academy. He later met my mother, who is very much a strong Terran woman.

T’Mihn: And they do not offend me. ::nodding, Lifting a hand up.:: That explains why you're 'comfortable in your skin". Their world's cultures are as diverse and Earth's bio diversity. How did your parents handle  raising a hybrid of two cultures? Pardon me for asking.

Torin: Well, my mother is very opinionated, and my father found it was illogical to argue with her… so they allowed me to find my own path between our cultures. That aside, I did have to take a human last name... from my mother's family. 

T'Mihn: I HAVE met those types of Terrans.  He made a sound choice.  Did you chose your father's or mother's clan name?

Torin: Bergen... Torin Marcus Bergen. Has a certain ring to it? ::laughing::

T"Mihn:::A sharp nod with her customary grin in  the eyes. :: Good choice.  It does.  Well.. Mister ..::Pause:: Bergen, I shall introduce you to my friend Q who fancies making gadgets out of ordinary items?   Just bring them back in one piece.

T'Mihn: ::Glancing around to make sure no one was listening in.::  I am sure some of us  had given you trouble over being...:;both eyebrows disappeared under her bang briefly.::..ahem.. emotional. 

Torin: ::laughing:: Well, there’s that, and the “nasty” rumor that several of my father’s forebearers were Vʻtosh katur, thoses dreaded “Vulcans without logic.” 

::Torin then took an observant glance. There was something different to this Vulcan from Starfleet.””


Torin Marcus Bergen
Savan's adoptive father

Lt. Commander Savan
Tactical/Security Officer
Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A

Writer ID: E239303S10

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